Management Committee 2016 / 17

Mary Ann Baillie – Secretary

Concern for social justice issues and a desire to put theory into practice led to Mary Ann’s membership of the Mackay Conservation Group.  Throughout her teaching career in Australia and Papua New Guinea Mary Ann strove to develop a passion for reading and writing in all her students.

Since retirement Mary Ann has returned to her hometown of Mackay.  With time available she now focuses on her reading and photographic pursuits and saving our environment.

Joan Fitzsimmons – Committee Member

Joan grew up in Coen and Brisbane. She attended Brisbane Girls Grammar School and then University of Queensland where she obtained a Science degree with Honours and a PhD in Biochemistry.

She has travelled extensively throughout Australia since the early 70’s by 4WD to many remote places and has formed a strong love of our countryside.  She has also been a bushwalker since her childhood and has taken an interest in the surrounding flora and fauna.

Joan and her husband Dennis joined the Mackay Conservation Group after an attempt to develop Lindeman Island. She organised the roster to keep open the doors of the newly acquired MCG building in the early days before we employed an admin person.  Joan has previously held the positions of Vice President and Treasurer.

Kevin Healy – Committee Member

The short-term focus of our society with little or no regard for the future, or concern for our ailing and polluted planet has driven Kevin’s involvement in the Mackay Conservation Group.

With significant work experience in Australia and abroad as a management accountant and company director Kevin skills will be used to help redress these concerns.

Dougal McLauchlan – Committee Member

Dougal McLauchlan has been actively involved in the Mackay area for more than 30 years, being schooled here and taking part in many games of rugby union with the very proud Slade Point Rugby Club. Dougal has travelled extensively throughout Australia and experienced many great surf breaks around our gorgeous coastline.  Most recently he has focused his efforts in the arts industry, being heavily involved with Crossroad Arts in a variety of artistic disciplines.  He is extremely passionate about preserving our fragile environment and believes that Mackay has a lot more to offer than just a gateway to the fossil fuel industry

Vacant – Vice President
Judy Stewart – Treasurer

Judy volunteers for Meals on Wheels, the Historical Society, is a wildlife carer and has been on the Mackay Conservation Group Management Committee since January 2014.

Before joining MCG she worked as a primary school teacher for many years.  Now, between feeding her injured baby birds, Judy runs stalls, historical walks and has been known to cut up the odd protest lily or two to support efforts to help protect the Caley Valley wetlands (the largest coastal wetland in Queensland frequented by 200+ known species of birds including a number of threatened species) from coal mining infrastructure.

Michael Williams – President

Michael came to Mackay in 1980 as the first paediatrician for the town, from Melbourne, with his wife Margaret.  They had been involved with a freeway action group in Melbourne, and had a concern for the bush.

Michael was involved in the initial activities in the early 1980s when the group focused on the local Melalueca Forest at Slade Point, the Daintree Road in Cape Tribulation and plans to subdivide the National Park on Lindeman Island.

He participated in the foundation of the Mackay Conservation Group in 1985 and has been an active member since.  From 1992 he has been President.