Call on Greg Hunt to reject the Carmichael mine

The Federal Court has just rejected the Carmichael mine because Environment Minister Hunt failed to consider the impacts on two threatened species. 

The mine has been rejected by the court – now its time for Minister Hunt to reject it for good.

Will you tell Greg Hunt to reject the Carmichael mine once and for all?

Here’s our top three reasons why it should be rejected:

  1. As Australia’s largest coal mine, it will make an unacceptable contribution to greenhouse gasses and climate change
  2. The Carmichael mine will use over 12 billion litres of water per year, draining precious underground water sources
  3. The Carmichael mine will not yield the promised jobs or royalties for Queensland. Net jobs for the project (taking into account job losses in other industries) will be as low as 1464 and Adani has exaggerated income from royalties from the Carmichael mine. 

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    Sign the petition: Call on Greg Hunt to reject the Carmichael mine
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    Sign the petition: Call on Greg Hunt to reject the Carmichael mine
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    Is not Our Great Barrier Reef Eco system is more important than a quick $, by a company and country that has both poor environmental history and human rights history. The Andani company should be investing long term with their money into research within their own country to develop renewable sustainable energy, instead of raping Australia resources and Eco-systems, and causing, if they are allowed to proceed, the extinction of Australia’s Flora and Fauna, as well as, irrepairable damage to ancient springs, aboriginal sites and our Great Barrier Reef. This would be a massive profanity against nature that Australian and International Establisments say they recognise and are genuinely concern about, with regards to climate change if our State Government and Federal Government allow the Andani Carmichael Mine to proceed. Australian Tourist Industry within the Great Barrier Reef and every Australian Industry and Australian Historical significance within this region unquestionably should be worth preserving and protecting for future generations. Do not sell off our heritage and environment to companies and countries who do not look after their own and who do not seeming look towards a cleaner sustainable future long-term.
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    Create green jobs not mines! I am a Qld’nder and I did not vote for this. I want a better future for my children. Value ecology, not economics. It is FAR more important. Stop thinking about all the greedy kick backs and do your bloody jobs.
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    I firmly reject this mine on ecological and sustainability grounds. Do not harm the Great Barrier Reef.
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    Yes, jobs will be created, but when the coal is gone, jobs will be lost. Jobs could be created through the creation of renewable energy facilities. The mine will affect not just Queensland; particularly the Great Barrier Reef, but all of Australia. This mine brings money to the rich and takes from the Earth, the Earth is no ones to sell. Please don’t let this go ahead!
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    Sign the petition: Call on Greg Hunt to reject the Carmichael mine
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    Sign the petition: Call on Greg Hunt to reject the Carmichael mine
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