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Dinner, Drinks and Dancing with author Bill Wilkie

Mackay is fortunate to be hosting Bill Wilkie, the author of the recent award winning book The Daintree Blockade: The Battle for Australia's Tropical Rainforests. Bill will join us on a journey back in time. Over a three course dinner, we'll be spending a night in the Daintree, feasting on tales from the tree tops.

In 1983 the bulldozers and chainsaws began destroying the ancient forests of the Daintree north of Cairns to build a road with the full backing of the Queensland Government leading to a major campaign of community resistance.  The campaign did many things, including giving birth to Mackay Conservation Group as local people joined in this national effort to save our natural heritage.

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dozer_on_road_grays_small.jpgBill will unfold the story from the initial moments — when people spontaneously reacted against destruction the pristine rainforest — to the joyful moments of victory when the Wet Tropics were declared world heritage. In between there are disappointments as politicians avert their gaze and take no action. Hugh highs when help arrives in the form of experienced activists from the Franklin and Terania Creek blockades. Confrontations with the Queensland authorities and much more.

After Bill presents his tale of the ancient forests, we'll have the chance to groove along to modern beats with local live music by Evan Daly. It will be a great night to learn and to relax and a chance to catch up with other members of our group. 

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