TerraCom's Dangerous Plan

TerraCom is the company that purchased the Blair Athol mine for $1 from Rio Tinto.

One of the conditions of the lease transfer was that they had to show they had guaranteed access to a rail loading facility to shift their coal to port. TerraCom gave the Department of Natural Resources & Mines a document that said that another mining company, Glencore, had given them that guarantee.

Now TerraCom has disputed the price wants to charge them for loading their coal onto trains. The mining company wants to put an additional 180 road trains on the Peak Downs Highway every day, endangering the lives of the drivers and other road users. That's one one truck every 8 minutes, 24 hours per day. All to save a few dollars in freight costs.

The Dept of Transport and Main Roads should reject TerraCom's application to ship coal along the road. An alternative exists that won't endanger the lives of the road users. TerraCom should live up to the conditions of its mining lease transfer and use the Glencore rail loading facility.

We have written to the Minister for Transport and Main Roads asking that the department conforms to its own guidelines and directs TerraCom to use the rail network.

TerraCom claims that the use of the road network will only be a temporary situation. If one of their trucks kills or injures another road user, that will be forever.

You can help put an end to this stupid plan by signing this petition. communityrun.org/petitions/no-road-hauled-coal

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