Clive Palmer’s proposed new coal mine raises local’s fears of an environmental disaster.

Media Release

Friday 26 February 2021

Clive Palmer's Central Queensland Coal Project proposal, which would be located on the coast just 10 kilometres from the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, has raised fears of an environmental disaster among local residents and scientists alike.

Today the Queensland Government accepted the project's Environmental Impact Statement and determined that the project could go on to the next level of environmental assessment despite significant environmental concerns.      

The Independent Expert Scientific Committee that reviewed the project slammed the proposal, saying the coal mine would present “very significant risks to ... the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and the Broad Sound Fish Habitat Area (Queensland’s largest fish habitat and on the Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia)”

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Did You Catch Our Webinar "Hunt For The Gastric Brooding Frog"

Why do scientist think the extinct Northern Gastric Brooding Frog may still be found in the warm waters of Urannah Creek, west of Mackay? If you missed our webinar on this unique creature to our region, the Northern Gastric Brooding Frog, click below.

Another reason we need to band together as a community to #SaveUrannah 


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Another Adani environmental breach causes pollution to Queensland waterways, says local community group

Media Release

5 February 2021

Adani’s failure to prepare construction sites on its Carmichael mine rail corridor for wet season flooding has resulted in serious pollution and environmental damage. This pollution has potentially impacted on water quality flowing into wetlands, the coast and, ultimately, the Great Barrier Reef.

Mackay Conservation Group (“MCG”), a local community group, is concerned that Adani’s poor site management and lack of appropriate sediment controls will significantly increase the risk of further environmental damage and breaches in the immediate future.

MCG believes that conditions imposed by the Queensland Coordinator General (QCG) on Adani’s North Galilee Basin Rail Project to protect nearby waterways from contamination may have been breached. The conditions require the development and implementation of erosion and sediment control measures.

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Send A Submission Opposing the Urannah Dam Project

The Queensland Government is still taking submissions for the URANNAH DAM PROJECT until the 29th of January 2021.
Submitting the reasons that you oppose the Urannah dam is an important step to ensure that the proponent appropriately examines and address the project's potential direct and indirect environmental, social and economic impacts.
It is a powerful way to have your say in our democratic process and a way to have your voice heard. 
We have made it really easy for YOU to have your say by completing our easy-to-do submission form.
Click the button below and simply enter your name and address and away you go!
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Hunt for the Gastric Brooding Frog - 16 Dec 2020

Limited places are still available for this exciting presentation from two of Australia's leading frog experts. They will talk about efforts to find the extinct Northern Gastric Brooding Frog and bring the Southern one back from extinction.

You can join us in person at the Mackay Environment Centre, or online via Zoom. (Wed 16 Dec 2020. 5.30pm Qld/6.30pm Daylight Saving)

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Proposed $2.9bn Urannah dam in Queensland could return as little as 26c per dollar

The dam’s benefits have been overstated and the business case does not take environmental costs into account, economist says

The Urannah dam project near Mackay has been supported by about $15m in federal grants since 2016. New economic analysis has questioned the value of the proposed 1.5 trillion-litre dam.

A 1.5 trillion-litre north Queensland dam proposal backed by both the federal and state governments could return as little as 26c for every dollar invested, an economic analysis has found.

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Dams condemned by farmers, environmentalists and scientists

Media Release 

27 November 2020

The Queensland Coordinator General has today released draft terms of reference for Environmental Impact Statements for increasing the size of the Burdekin Falls Dam and construction of a new Urannah Dam both of which are in the Burdekin River basin in North Queensland. 

The projects have become increasingly controversial, with farmers, scientists and environmentalists raising serious concerns about the consequences of reducing the flow of water in Australia’s second largest river basin.

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Media Release: LNP Dams Plan was a Political Fizzer

2 November 2020

The outcome of last weekend’s Queensland election shows that voters could not be swayed by the promise of the biggest dam building program in Australia’s history.

The LNP promised to build a major new dam on the Burdekin River to irrigate dry lands in the interior of Queensland. The scheme would have cost tens of billions of dollars and led to unsustainable reductions in freshwater flowing to coastal ecosystems, including estuaries that fisheries depend upon.

The policy was targeted at voters in key electorates in Townsville. In an announcement in August, LNP leader Deb Frecklington said “the biggest benefit will be felt in Townsville” and “[the] project that will secure Townsville’s economic future for generations to come”.

Voters returned ALP candidates in all three Townsville seats with swings of about three per cent.

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Urannah Volunteers Needed

We're looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help with our Urannah Campaign. There are lots of things to do to ensure that Urannah Creek is protected from the crazy dam that has been proposed yet again. Over the past fifty years, the dam has been rejected more than 17 times because it makes no economic sense. Now the federal government has sponsored another feasibility study. We need volunteers to help us ensure this dam does not proceed.

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Robert & Terri Irwin speak about Irwin's Turtle

Robert and Terri Irwin interviewed about the Irwin's Turtle and the dam that will destroy its habitat on MixFM

Sign our petition

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