Breaking News - Federal Court agrees lack of assessment on Adani’s water pipeline scheme an error of law



Media Release


25 May 2021


Federal Court agrees lack of assessment on Adani’s water pipeline scheme an error of law


Mackay Conservation Group has welcomed news today that the Federal Court has agreed that the Morrison Government made an error of law when it decided not to apply the ‘water trigger’ to the assessment of Adani’s North Galilee Water Scheme (NGWS).


Under Federal regulations, coal projects that extract a significant amount of water are required to submit a rigorous environmental impact statement. This water trigger was not originally applied to Adani’s Water Scheme.  


Sunny Hungerford, Campaign Manager at Mackay Conservation Group says:

“Today’s decision is a victory for Queensland’s water and the people and ecosystems that depend on it. In the Government’s rush to approve Adani’s plan to pipe 12.5 Billion litres from the Suttor River each year, they failed to apply proper scrutiny, and failed to properly consider the negative impacts that such a risky water plan could have on surrounding ecosystems, sacred sites, farmers and even towns. 


While Queensland’s farmers have battled one of the worst droughts in decades Adani should not be allowed to drain 12.5 billion litres of river water each year just to wash coal and suppress dust at their coal mine. 


Adani’s coal project is having devastating impacts on Queensland’s water from sucking up precious groundwater that feed ancient springs and wetlands, failing to manage erosion and polluting waterways with sediment. Today’s court decision proves that additional scrutiny and assessment of Adani’s impacts on water is needed. 

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Adani’s sediment pollution and failed flood preparation prompts calls to strengthen environmental protection conditions

Media Release

19 May 2021

An expert report, ordered by the Queensland Coordinator General to investigate Adani’s flood mitigation and sediment control measures on its rail line has concluded that Adani is not following best practice erosion and sediment control guidelines. 


The expert report by consultants from Water and Technology found that: 


  • Adani failed to follow its own erosion and sediment control guidelines by conducting works in waterways during the wet season 
  • Adani failed to prepare sites for flooding leading to unnecessary sediment pollution 
  • Approval conditions for future projects of a similar nature be strengthened to “prohibit works in waterways during the wet season”

Lawyers from Environmental Justice Australia, acting for Mackay Conservation Group have written to the office of the Queensland Coordinator General calling on them to use existing powers to strengthen environmental conditions and monitoring at Adani’s coal mine and rail projects in light of the concerns the expert report has raised. 


Sunny Hungerford, campaign manager at Mackay Conservation Group says: 

“The Water and Technology report shows that Adani breached their own guidelines by conducting works in waterways during the wet season and failed to properly prepare sites for flooding which led to sediment pollution. It’s critically important that the Coordinator General's office strengthen the project conditions to specifically prohibit any construction works in waterways during the wet season.”


“The fact that Adani can get away with this shows just how weak and ineffective the environmental conditions the Queensland government has imposed on Adani are. In this case Adani was allowed to get away with failing to prepare for flood events and causing pollution of waterways. 


“Adani appears to have a full deck of get out of jail free cards, but Queenslanders expect better management of our precious water and natural assets. This is our backyard that Adani is polluting. Farmers and towns are working hard to protect our waterways from pollution, and companies like Adani should have to do the right thing as well.” 


“The Water Technology report makes numerous recommendations for the improvement of erosion and sediment control measures along the rail line project, but it is unclear how Adani’s compliance with implementing the recommendations may be enforced without strengthening the project’s approval conditions and setting out clearly what the consequences are if Adani do not follow them.’


“The Queensland and Federal Governments have repeatedly assured the public that Adani’s coal project has the strictest environmental conditions, but these conditions mean absolutely nothing if they fail to prevent serious environmental damage” 

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Mackay Rally For Our Reef

Media Release

15 April 2021

Mackay Rally For Our Reef

Concerned community members call on Queensland Government to reject Clive-Palmer owned Central Queensland Coal Project

Mackay community members gathered for a Mackay Rally For Our Reef at Bluewater Quay today (Thursday 15 April 2021), where they called for the Queensland government to reject the proposed Clive Palmer-owned Central Queensland Coal Project, which would be located just 10 Kilometres from the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.


Mackay Rally For Our Reef community members with signs and reef themed props

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Get Involved With The Mackay Conservation Group

We have a bunch of brainstorming sessions and other events coming up that we would love you to be involved with as the campaign to save our Urannah and our precious waterways builds!

Call Party
When: 17th March, 4:30pm 
Where: The Environment Centre

We are jumping on the phones for Urannah! 
No matter if you have any experience with phone banking or not you can be involved. Everything will be provided, including exactly what to say, so you don't need to worry about a thing. 
Snacks provided. 

Please shoot me an email if you have any questions or hit the button below to RSVP (All Welcome) 

Volunteer Brainstorm Meeting
When: 24th March, 6:00pm 
Where: The Environment Centre

Come join us for this community brainstorming event & volunteer meeting.
If you have an idea you think should be put in to play in order to protect Urannah Creek, then this is the night to have your voice heard.

Likewise, if you're just looking to find ways that you can be involved, then we would also love you to join us.

We are after both; people who can be available both physically through volunteer acivities such as handing out flyers, to remote roles that may involve sending letters or making calls.

Whatever your capacity we will have lots of upcoming volunteer positions and we are hoping you, our community will be able to help us map out what these will look for in this meeting. 

RSVP Today using the button below.
All Welcome

We are look forwards to working with you all in whatever way you have capacity to be involved. please never hesitate to reach out with your ideas & thoughts directly as well.

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Media Release: Clive Palmer’s proposed new coal mine raises local’s fears of an environmental disaster.

Media Release

Friday 26 February 2021

Clive Palmer's Central Queensland Coal Project proposal, which would be located on the coast just 10 kilometres from the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, has raised fears of an environmental disaster among local residents and scientists alike.

Today the Queensland Government accepted the project's Environmental Impact Statement and determined that the project could go on to the next level of environmental assessment despite significant environmental concerns.      

The Independent Expert Scientific Committee that reviewed the project slammed the proposal, saying the coal mine would present “very significant risks to ... the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and the Broad Sound Fish Habitat Area (Queensland’s largest fish habitat and on the Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia)”

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