Coral Bleaching Risk Increasing for the Mackay Whitsunday Region

Bleached_coral._Photograph_supplied_by_the_Australian_Marine_Conservation_Society.pngThe devastating coral bleaching event of 2016 may be returning in 2017. 

Current ocean conditions have reef scientists worried that we may see serious coral bleaching later this year, particularly in the Mackay/Whitsunday region. 

According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), eastern Australia waters are unusually warm, increasing the risk of bleaching. 

NOAA’s Coral Reef Watch website indicates that the Mackay/Whitsunday region is likely to experience Alert Level One (bleaching likely) and Alert Level Two (mortality likely) over the next 4 to 8 weeks. (See NOAA chart below showing warning alerts and areas that are most at risk.) 

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority is already fielding bleaching reports from Mackay in the south right up to the far north This is causing concern and many reef scientists fear another major coral bleaching event.

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Green Zones Helping the Reef Recover

Thalassoma_lunare_small.jpgGreen Zones on the Great Barrier Reef do more than just give fish a place to grow larger and more abundant. They also protect the reef itself and help it recover.

Last year the Great Barrier Reef suffered the largest and most widespread of the three mass bleaching events of the past two decades. The bleaching event affected reefs all over the world. When it hit Australia, it evolved very rapidly. Eventually over 93% of reefs were affected by bleaching. The northern section of the Great Barrier Reef was most badly damaged, with between 50 and 90% of corals dying. 

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Campaign Support and Admin Assistant (20 hours per week)


We are looking for a person who is energetic and self-motivated with a passion for social and environmental justice.  You must have good interpersonal skills and work well in a team.    

The position includes office and reception duties, cleaning, as well as technical and administrative support for campaign staff. There is a substantial component of website content management, fundraising, communications and membership management. The position may be expanded to include a greater range of responsibility.  The successful applicant will be employed by the management committee, and will take direction and supervision from the co-ordinator. 

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Write to your bank about Adani

CommBank-Flyer-Background.jpgCoal powered electricity plants have been harming the earth for more than a century. The average global temperature has increased by over one degree in the past hundred years, leading to intensifying climate events. Droughts, flooding and wildfires are all made worse by climate change. Last year the world agreed to take action to limit global temperature increases to less than two degrees and to strive to prevent temperatures rising by more than 1.5°C on average. That won’t happen unless we take serious steps to end fossil fuelled energy production.

Adani's Carmichael mine won't go ahead without finance. You can help by writing to your bank today. Tell them not to use your money to finance climate and reef destruction.

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Renewable Energy for Mackay

Let’s repower Mackay with clean energy!Sun-powered_Queensland_CMYK_(1).jpg

The Great Barrier Reef and our climate are in crisis. Rising carbon pollution from coal, oil and gas are fuelling climate change which is leading to more extreme weather events -- from super storms and floods, to bushfires and extreme heat. August was the hottest month on record, and marks the 11th record setting month in a row. Our Pacific island neighbours are already facing sea level rise and salt-water intrusion which is threatening livelihoods and culture. This year, the largest coral bleaching event in history, caused by global warming decimated the Great Barrier Reef. Almost one quarter of the reef did not recover.

To avoid the worst effects of global warming we must plan for a rapid phase out of coal and gas fired power and its replacement with renewable sources, like solar and wind. Investment in renewable energy will create thousands of long-term sustainable jobs across the region and will help safeguard precious icons like the Great Barrier Reef for future generations.

Mackay can play a leading role in the transition to clean energy. Click here to join our team and help make Mackay 100% clean energy

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Adani Solar Announcement Welcomed

adani-solar-australia.jpgMackay Conservation Group has welcomed Adani’s decision to announce a 100 to 200 megawatt solar farm in Central Queensland.

This is a sensible move that recognises the long term future of electricity production is in renewables.

We also welcome the jobs that construction of a large scale solar power plant will bring without risking jobs in Great Barrier Reef tourism. This is a win for everybody.

Adani is fundamentally an energy company, not a miner, and their expertise is rapidly shifting to become a clean energy producer in India and now in Australia.

Adani has faced a protracted battle to establish Australia’s largest thermal coal mine while the company has been remaking itself in India as the nation’s leading producer of solar electricity.

Coal fired power stations face a very uncertain future as the economics of solar become much more attractive and government policies around the globe aim to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

We look forward to the company making further investments in clean energy in Australia and in India.

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MCG Annual Report

MCG_Annual_Report_2015-16_cover_mock_up.jpgMackay Conservation Group has always punched above its weight and 2015-16 has been no exception. Looking back on 2015-16, it seems almost impossible that a group like ours could find the resources to be involved in so many activities.

We have organised rallies, undertaken research, responded to local, national and international media, made submissions and undertaken a lot of community outreach. Not forgetting we took on an international mining giant and won!

Grab a copy of our annual report and find out more about what the group has been doing. We would love you to become part of our team.


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Poor Water Quality Continues to Plague Reef

The latest Mackay-Whitsunday Waterway Health report card continues to highlight the region’s poor water quality despite years of effort and millions of dollars to clean it up. Regulations will be required to improve water quality and protect the Great Barrier Reef.  pioneer-river.jpg

The Mackay Whitsunday Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership which includes members from 22 organisations representing the community, industry, research groups and government has recently released their waterway health report card for the 2014 – 15 year for our region. You can download a copy of the 2015 Report Card here  

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Help us stop the mining water grab

Queensland mining companies are about to have one of their Christmas presents taken away and they aren’t happy. The Newman government passed legislation to allow them uncontrolled access to underground water without a licence. That law is due to take effect in December. If the legislation is implemented then miners will have the right to water without a licence. There will be no appeal process. There will be no need for the water to be used sustainably.

The state government has introduced a new law which will prevent mining companies having unrestricted access to underground water. If the law passes it will mean that mining companies will abide by the same rules as farmers and graziers and obtain a licence.

The law is now in the hands of the parliament's Agriculture and Environment Committee. You can help ensure that the law is passed by making a submission to the committee. The website is:

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Blair Athol sale must be blocked

Blair_Athol_aerial.jpgToday’s announcement that TerraCom Limited has an agreement to purchase the defunct Blair Athol mine from Rio Tinto is unlikely to ever eventuate due to significant financial and technical issues.

Mackay Conservation Group has been pressuring Rio Tinto to live up to its corporate responsibility and complete rehabilitation of the mine.

On 4 July, Rio Tinto agreed that it would sell the mine to the small, heavily indebted mining company, TerraCom for $1. Rio Tinto also agreed to pay the Queensland Government $80 million in cash to cover the estimated cost of rehabilitating the mine.

In the past couple of months we have received a leaked copy of the Department of Environment & Heritage Protection’s report on the bond at Blair Athol that shows that there is a shortfall of $20 million in the current bond.

Industry insiders tell us that the real cost of rehabilitating the site is likely to exceed $160 million.

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