LNP Urannah deal questioned

ABC News reporter, Mark Willacy, has been investigating the method by which a $3 million grant was made to a Brisbane company to undertake a feasibility study into a dam at Urannah Creek west of Mackay.

Earlier this year MCG engaged an engineer to undertake a review of the previous 18 studies into the possibility of constructing this dam. The review found that non of the previous studies found that the project would generate an economic return.

You can read our full report at: http://bit.ly/2djKZoS

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New Solar Plants Great News for Whitsundays

solarpowerplantserpasmall.jpgThe Whitsunday region will be a big beneficiary of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s (ARENA) announcement that two local projects will receive $19 million in ARENA support.

ARENA has announced that it will help finance the Collinsville Solar Power Station, a large scale solar project that will deliver 42 megawatts of electricity. The project will create an average of 50 direct jobs during its construction.

$9.5 million of the project’s $95.9 million construction cost will be provided by ARENA.

Another project in the region that will be supported by ARENA is the Whitsunday Solar Farm near Proserpine which will generate around 58 megawatts of renewable electricity.

ARENA will provide $9.5 million of the project’s $122.4 construction cost.

These two projects combined will power around 40,000 homes in Queensland.

Overall ARENA has funded six new projects in Queensland with a total of more than $500 million.

300 megawatts of electricity will be produced from the six new projects, powering 120,000 homes.

Mackay Conservation Group coordinator, Peter McCallum, said “this is great news for our region that has been struggling as the fossil fuel industry has moved away from the boom times.”

“Energy production is rapidly changing as more and more resources are put into finding ways to make renewable power more efficient.”

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Australia's environment laws are too weak to protect the reef



Mackay Conservation Group will hold a rally at Bluewater Quay at 6pm on Wednesday 31 August to call on the federal government to overturn the Adani Carmichael mine approval. Other rallies will be held in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Federal environment minister Josh Frydenberg must reconsider the approval of the Adani Carmichael mine and review the environmental legislation that has allowed the mine to proceed.

In Brisbane today the Federal Court announced a decision to reject the Australian Conservation Foundation’s appeal against the mine approval. The court’s decision means that the world’s largest privately owned coal mine now has moved one step closer to opening.

If the mine proceeds it will produce billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide and will be a disaster for the reef and for the tens of thousands of tourism jobs dependent upon it.

MCG is calling on the environment minister Josh Frydenberg to reconsider his predecessor’s approval of this mine in the light of the greatest coral bleaching event the world has seen.

Burning coal means a hotter climate and a hotter climate means coral death and death of the tourism industry. 70,000 people are employed reef tourism along the Queensland coast. Burning coal from Carmichael mine will put those jobs at risk.

The environment minister knows that there is a limit on the amount of coal we can burn if we wish to protect the reef but the laws that he is responsible for do not provide the legal protection necessary to ensure our greatest natural treasure is protected.

We are also calling on the environment minister to introduce a climate change trigger in Federal environment laws.

You can help by attending a rally at Mackay's Bluewater Quay at 6pm on Wednesday to call on the federal government to overturn the Adani Carmichael mine approval. 

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Keep an Eye on the Reef

img_0229_small.jpgKeep an eye on the reef

If you spend time out on the water or by the water’s edge then you should think about downloading the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s mobile app “Eye on the Reef”.

The app is one of the tools that GBRMPA and marine scientists use to learn more about the location of marine creatures. 
It enables scientists and reef managers to better target research and monitoring activities.

Eye on the Reef is a program started in 1997. At that time tourism operators made weekly reports to GBRMPA about the state of the coral reefs they were visiting. 

The program enabled scientists to collect and analyse a much greater volume of data than ever before.
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Slade Point Reserve Beautiful Walk


Teal St, Slade Point

1.45pm Saturday 30 July 2016

The Mackay Conservation Group is holding its third Beautiful Walk for 2016.

This walk will be held at the Slade Point Reserve and we will meet at the end of Teal Street in Slade Point.

We will guide everyone along the track through Moreton Bay ash forest, weeping paperbarks and grasslands, with the opportunity to learn about bird life, plant species, as well as conservation projects that are ongoing and the establishment of the reserve. Keep an eye out and you might spot a Black-faced monarch or one of the other 130 species of birds that live here. 

Please ensure you bring along a hat, mosquito repellent, a water bottle, as well as your family and friends. Come and explore this hidden gem, we hope to see you there!

You can RSVP here.

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Will you chip in $2 to help us stop Rio Tinto's shonky Blair Athol sale?

Shonky_Rio_Deal.jpgRio Tinto has offered to sell the Blair Athol mine for $1 to a tiny mining company called TerraCom Limited.

Rio Tinto has also agreed to pay TerraCom $80 million in cash if they agree to take over the rehabilitation liability.

Why would Rio Tinto give away a mine and $80 million in cash in exchange for $1? Because Rio Tinto knows that the real cost of cleaning up the mess they have left behind at Blair Athol is more like $200 million to $300 million.

We want to highlight the absurdity of selling a coal mine for $1 by making Rio Tinto a better offer. With your help we can offer Rio Tinto $2,000 or more, to buy the mine and receive the $80 million cash they have offered TerraCom.

Of course our offer would be on the condition that Rio Tinto agrees to pay the full cost of rehabilitation if it exceeds $80 million.

And if Rio Tinto fails to accept our cash offer we will use any donations to help fund our ongoing campaign to ensure that they can’t offload their responsibilities to restore the mine to what it was before mining commenced.

Will you chip in $2 to help us expose Rio Tinto’s corporate tricks?



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Urannah Dam will waste taxpayers money

Urannah_landscapes-25_copy.jpegMackay Conservation Group released a report last week which shows that tens of millions of taxpayer’s dollars will be wasted if the proposed Urannah Dam west of Mackay goes ahead

The report is a review of 17 previous studies into the dam dating back to the 1960s, none of which have provided sufficient evidence to justify a new dam, yet the federal government has recently committed $3 million to an 18th feasibility study of the Urannah Dam proposal.

The report, An Economic Analysis Of The Urannah Dam Project, found that it is most likely that for every $1 spent on the dam, only 75 cents of economic benefit would be returned. Even the most optimistic scenario from previous studies shows that the Urannah Dam would barely break even.

The key findings of the report are:

  • The Urannah dam is a more expensive option to deliver water for irrigation, the Galilee basin, and for the Bowen region;
  • The Urannah dam is a cheaper option to supply water to the Bowen basin, however, there does not appear to be enough additional demand for water supply to warrant construction of another water source in the near future;
  • The Burdekin Falls Dam costs $11.5M per annum less than the proposed Urannah dam at delivering the same economic outcome;
  • The Urannah dam provides a return of $0.75 for every dollar invested assuming full consumption of water by agriculture and mining.
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Healthy Rivers to Reef Info Session

Healthy_Rivers_to_Reef_Partnership_Logo.pngThe Great Barrier Reef is being threatened from many fronts. Climate change, ocean acidification, coral bleaching, disease outbreaks, extreme weather, shipping, ghost nets, rubbish and introduced species are all stressing the reef. The reef is also being stressed by large quantities of nutrients and sediments flowing into its waters from coastal streams.

5489466-3x2-940x627.jpgThe Healthy Rivers to Reef Partnership has been formed to identify water quality problems in rivers from Bowen to Hay Point. The partnership aims to ensure that rivers and streams are properly managed to reduce the flow of pollutants into the reef.

On Wednesday 6 July at 6pm we will be hosting an information session about the partnership to introduce the partnership and the most recent report card on our waterways. Di Tarte and Charlie Morgan will explain how the report card has been developed and how the project will proceed in the future.

If you are concerned about the health of the reef and our waterways, please come along to this meeting.

6pm - 7pm Wednesday 6 July 2016

Mackay Environment Centre, 156 Wood St Mackay

RSVP at mackayconservationgroup.org.au/healthy_rivers


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POSTPONED: Slade Point Reserve Beautiful Walk



The Mackay Conservation Group is holding its third Beautiful Walk for 2016 at Slade Point Reserve.

Slade Point Reserve contains the only coastal dune and wetland systems close to Mackay. Come and explore this hidden gem!

Learn about the conservation history of this special place as we wander through Moreton bay ash forest, weeping paperbarks and grasslands. Keep an eye out and you might spot a Black-faced monarch or one of the other 130 off birds that live here.

This event is open to the public and totally free. 

This walk will be held at the Slade Point Reserve and will take all walkers through the circuit, with informal addresses about bird life, plant species, conservation projects that are ongoing and the establishment of the reserve.

Don't forget your mosquito repellant, walking shoes, sunscreen and sun protection, water, snacks & your friends and family!

July 09, 2016 at 1.45pm - 4pm

Slade Point Reserve, Teal Street, Slade Point


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Urannah Dam economic analysis

Download a copy of the report "An Economic Analysis Of The Urannah Dam Project" here: 

Urannah Dam economic analysis