George Brandis say Federal government should be above the law on environmental protection

George Brandis says Federal government should be above the law on environmental protection

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Attorney General George Brandis is today threatening to change environmental protection laws in the wake of a Federal Court decision to set aside the approval of Adani’s massive coal Carmichael mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin.

‘Australia’s environmental laws protect our unique natural heritage, which brings millions of visitors each year to this country, makes a major contribution to our economy, and is a source of pride for all Australians,’ said Mackay Conservation Group Research Analyst Patricia Julien.

‘Brandis wants mining companies, and the Federal government, to be above the law. He wants to dodge environmental protections put in place to protect Australia’s unique wildlife.

‘George Brandis’ comments today show just how far the government is willing to go to protect the interests of mining companies.

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Please donate to MCG

We've had an amazing victory in court yesterday, but the fight against Adani's destructive Carmichael projects are not over yet.

Mackay Conservation Group relies on your donations.

Please make a secure, tax deductible donation today.


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Victory! Federal Court rejects Carmichael mine

BREAKING NEWS – we just won our court case against Adani’s Carmichael mine!

If built, the proposed Carmichael mine would have been Australia’s largest coal mine exporting up to 60 million tonnes  of coal from across the Great Barrier Reef Coast every year.

In July 2014 the Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt approved the Carmichael mine and in January this year we launched or challenge of the mine arguing that the impacts of the project on the climate and threatened species had not been properly addressed.

Minister Hunt has now admitted that he didn’t adequately consider the impact on the yakka skink and the ornamental snake, two vulnerable species impacted by the mine. You can read the full media release here.

Can you call on him to reject the mine once and for all?

This is a historic win for the Climate, fragile ecosystems in western Qld and the Great Barrier Reef.

This victory would not have been possible without the support of the NSW Environmental Defenders Office and everyone who has donated to the case and helped highlight the impacts of this devastating mine on our Reef, the climate and the unique biodiversity of Western Queensland.

What happens now?

The mine is now without legal authority to commence construction or operate. It is up to Minister Hunt to decide whether or not to approve the mine again, taking into account the conservation advices and any other information on the impacts of the project. The Carmichael mine is back on his desk, and he has the power now to end this disastrous project forever.

Will you tell Greg Hunt not to reject the Carmichael mine once and for all?

The mine has been rejected by the court – now its time for Minister Hunt to reject it for good.

Here’s our top three reasons why the Carmichael project should be rejected:

  1. As Australia’s largest coal mine, it will make an unacceptable contribution to greenhouse gasses and climate change
  2. The Carmichael mine will use over 12 billion litres of water per year, draining precious underground water sources
  3. The Carmichael mine will not yield the promised jobs or royalties for Queensland. Net jobs for the project (taking into account job losses in other industries) will be as low as 1464 and Adani has exaggerated income from royalties from the Carmichael mine.

You can write to Minister Hunt by following this link. He needs to hear from the community.

For a detailed explanation of the case background, the grounds of our challenge and new information about the impacts of the Carmichael mine, please download our background document.

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Shoal Point - Low Tide Beautiful Walk


Shoal Point

Low Tide Beautiful Walk

30 August 2015, 3pm-5pm

Cnr Denman Ave & O'Brien Esplanade, Shoal Point

The next Beautiful Walk of the current series will be held at Shoal Point on Sunday 30 August. We have timed this walk to coincide with a very low tide when all of sandy and rocky foreshore will be exposed. You'll see lots of amazing creatures such as this feather star. Feather stars are crinoids and related to starfish and sea urchins. They have been described as "the most peaceful and beautiful starfish." It is very pleasing to watch their delicate tentacles wave in the tidal currents as they capture their food.


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Clearing in Andergrove


 In June residents in Andergrove reported their concerns with the clearing of 25 trees in an endangered melaleuca wetland regional ecosystem that is part of the Great Barrier Reef wetland system of McCreadys Creek catchment.

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Woohooo! MCG turns 30.

Mackay Conservation Group was established three decades ago by a group of people concerned with the development plans for Linderman Island. Since then the group has become the most significant voice for protecting the region's environment. We have campaigned on many issues from matters of international significance such as protection of the


 Great Barrier Reef and climate change to very local ones like the campaign to open Sandfly Creek floodgates and allow tidal water to flow into that important marine habitat. 

It's time to celebrate all our work over the past few decades and honour the people who have so generously donated their time, money and expertise to ensure that Mackay is great place to live for its human and non-human residents.
We'll be holding a few birthday celebrations in October this year. On Saturday October 10 we're heading up to the Whitsundays for a day of sightseeing with Ocean Rafting Adventures. You'll get to see some great scenery and catch up with friends and colleagues. Cost: $150 per person including lunch, limit 32 people. 
Tony Duckett and Rod Smith are pictured here in the mid 1990s leading a march to campaign for dugong protection zones. The dugong still lives in the MCG office!
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Critical new information may halt Carmichael mine

Critical new information may halt Carmichael mine


The Mackay Conservation Group has submitted critical new information in the Federal Court in Sydney amending their challenge to Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt’s approval of the Carmichael mine in Central Queensland.

The group argues that in approving Carmichael, Minister Hunt failed to consider conservation advices for two vulnerable species likely to be significantly impacted by the project, the ornamental snake and the yakka skink. ing their challenge to Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt’s approval of the Carmichael mine in Central Queensland.

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Updated Community Engagement Position

Hi everyone,

Last week we advertised our Beautiful Walks position - but we've now received extra funds and will be expanding it to two days (fifteen hours) per week with some extra duties for community outreach as well as building and maintaining our supporter base.

The updated position description is below, or contact me on 0408 583 694 with any questions.




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Mackay needs clean air!

air_quality.jpgAir quality standards in Australia are in dire need of improvement. The Australian State, Territory and Commonwealth governments are currently reviewing the existing standards which outline ‘safe’ levels of exposure from a variety of air pollution sources.  

This gives us an opportunity to ask the Federal Environment Minister (Greg Hunt) to improve our air quality standards so we can have the cleanest air possible. 

An estimated 3,000 premature Australian deaths are linked to poor air quality and if these standards are improved, lives could be saved.

The coal mining industry is our Australia’s main source of particle pollution, and they have admitted that their emissions have grown by a massive 187% in the last ten years. These standards need to be changed – please sign the petition to make sure they have to limit their emissions. 

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Bowen Coal Seam Gas project

Coal seam gas is set to increase massively in Central Queensland. Arrow Energy is deciding this year whether to proceed with the Explosive-Gas_web.jpgBowen Gas project, which could mean up to 6000 new wells, so its crucial they hear from people like you.

We are supporting the call from farmers organisations, such as Agforce, for a moratorium on coal seam gas until its impacts on land, water and the climate are better understood.

Please sign our petition here:


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