Parliament calling for submissions!

climate_built.jpgParliament is inviting individuals and organisations to make a submission to help strengthen and support their inquiry into the current and future impacts of climate change on our built environment.

As temperatures rise to levels unprecedented in human existence, it is questionable if Australia’s current housing, building and infrastructure will withstand the predicted climatic changes and the extreme weather events that it will entail.

From the recent devastation of cyclone Debbie, causing approximately $2 billion of damages to private and public infrastructure, to the life shattering impacts of the 2008 floods leaving nearly two thousand residents and businesses inundated with water, the Mackay community is definitely no stranger to the costly wrath of Mother Nature.

With various climatic scenarios predicted, you can help support the resilience of the region by making a submission. Sharing your opinions and proposals will greatly assist the Mackay community, and beyond, to be more adaptable and manageable in the face of an inevitably changing future.

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Guarding the Galilee - Film Screening

Guarding_the_Galilee_poster.jpgMackay Conservation Group, is once again hosting a screening of the documentary Guarding the Galilee on Thursday 3 August from 6:30pm at Environment Centre, 156 Wood St Mackay

Bookings essential: RSVP HERE

Admission: $5 (cover costs of drinks and snacks provided)

All across Australia people are working to stop the Carmichael mega-mine going ahead. If it is built it will be the biggest, most destructive, coal project Australia has ever seen. The mine will damage the Great Barrier Reef and the Great Artesian Basin and destroy the largest remaining habitat for the Black Throated Finch.

Presented by Queensland born actor Michael Caton, Guarding the Galilee is a powerful 30 minute documentary that focuses on the battle to stop the Adani’s Carmichael project, providing significant insights into why the never ending claims of “JOBS JOBS JOBS” doesn’t paint the whole picture.

There will be a Q & A session and community discussion taking place after the film so we encourage everyone in the community to come along. 

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Lindeman Island Land Grab

LIndeman_Island_proposal.jpgNearly 37 hectares of Lindeman Island National Park will be revoked if Whitehorse Developments plans are approved by the Queensland and Australian Governments.
A draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was released this afternoon on the Queensland Government website detailing plans to use the national park to create upmarket accommodation to be owned by the Chinese company.
The EIS says that 9.473 hectares on the western coastline is proposed for a commercial camping facility or "glamping" structures. The proposed marina development has been dropped from the original development plan.
We will provide more detail about the proposal next week. In the meantime please sign our petition:
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Tree Clearing Rally - Planning Meeting


If you lined up 1,200 bulldozers side by side and drove them from Brisbane to Cairns then that's equivalent to the area of trees cleared, or planned to be cleared, in Queensland since 2013.

In September Mackay Conservation Group will be holding a rally to show we care about wildlife and want new tree clearing laws in our state.

Over the past four years one million hectares of woodland and forest has been bulldozed or the landholder has notified an intention to clear. We must end this practice that is destroying forests, killing wildlife, damaging the atmosphere and increasing runoff into streams and rivers that flow to the Great Barrier Reef. We need to show politicians that people in our region care as much about tree clearing as other Queenslanders do.

To make this rally a success we'll need people to take on some of the the big and small tasks. The first one is planning the event. If you would like to help protect our wildlife, please come along to our first organising meeting at the Mackay Environment Centre, 156 Wood St Mackay on Tuesday 18 July at 6.30pm.

You can RSVP here:

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Chasing Coral - Premier Film Screening

chasing_cora.jpgThe Australian Marine Conservation Society and Mackay Conservation Group are very excited to invite you to the Mackay region's premier screening of the award winning film - Chasing Coral.

When: Wednesday 26 July, 6pm-8:30pm

Where: Central Queensland University, Cook Theatre (building 1), 151 Boundary          Road, Mackay

This remarkable film features breathtaking underwater footage that puts into perspective the global threat to coral reefs and tracks the effort to save them.

Tickets are FREE - but registration is essential as places are limited. Donations are always welcome. To secure your tickets CLICK HERE! 

From the makers of Chasing Ice comes the remarkable adventure of one team capturing our changing oceans. The director, Jeff Orlowski, won the 2017 Sundance Audience Award for his newest feature. He spent three years filming in over 30 countries with divers, underwater photographers and experts to reveal the majesty of our oceans, and the rapidly changing reality we're facing.

Click here to see the trailer

We invite you to come along to this event and learn more about the mysteries of this underwater world. There will be a Q and A session following the screening with panelists representing different insights on issues impacting the Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef Roadshow is bringing together industry and community leaders, migrating down the East Coast of Australia starting in Cairns and making its way through Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton and on to Brisbane. The Road Show will provide all Queenslanders with an opportunity to step up and join the fight to protect our Reef.

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Shoal Point - Low Tide Beautiful Walk 2017

IMG_0229_small.jpg23 July 2017, 3pm-5pm

It has been a while since we held a Beautiful Walk so we decided to begin again with one of our favourites, at Shoal Point. We have timed this walk to coincide with a very low tide when all of sandy and rocky foreshore will be exposed.

You'll see lots of amazing creatures such as this feather star. Feather stars are crinoids and related to starfish and sea urchins. They have been described as "the most peaceful and beautiful starfish." It is very pleasing to watch their delicate tentacles wave in the tidal currents as they capture their food.

RSVP here:

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Water is life

Stop Adani Mackay and the Mackay Conservation Group joined groups from across Australia in a #waterislife roadside protest last weekend. 

In drought stricken Queensland, water is one of our most precious resources, and the Adani Carmichael mine directly threatens the water sources that thousands of farmers and regional communities rely on. 

With a track record of environmental destruction in India, the Adani company cannot be trusted with our water. 

Water is life - and Mackay locals are going to keep fighting to protect Queensland's water!

If you would like to keep up to date with Stop Adani Mackay, like their Facebook Page or contact Maggie on 0434837774 or by emailing 

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Be part of the #WATERISLIFE Mackay Roadside Action!

This weekend people around Australia will be taking part in peaceful roadside actions to demonstrate support for clean water, our most precious resource. Mackay Conservation Group would like to invite you to be part of our local contingent and help us draw attention to the developments and practices that are damaging our water.waterislife.png

When: Saturday July 8th, 10am - 12pm (noon)
Where: Cnr Bruce Hwy & Sams Road.

At present, the Adani Carmichael mine is receiving a lot of heat from environmental groups all across Australia. The proposed mega-mine sits on the largest underground water body in the world, the Great Artesian Basin. If this project goes ahead it will extract and pollute billions of litres of groundwater each year - causing irreversible damage to these groundwater systems and the surrounding farmers and communities in which they vitally depend. This comes at a time when 87% of Queensland is drought declared, the most widespread drought declaration ever recorded in the state.
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Let's ensure we #banthebag

Plastic-bag-ban.jpgThe Queensland Government is calling for submissions on the Waste Reduction and Recycling Amendment Bill 2017.  This amendment introduces two important initiatives:

Firstly, a statewide container refund scheme; and, secondly, a ban on the supply of lightweight plastic shopping bags in Queensland

The bill also amends the end of waste framework in the Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011 to ensure better end use of recyclables.

Mackay Conservation Group supports this initiative.

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Today is World Sea Turtle Day!

seaturtle2.jpegToday, we are celebrating World Sea Turtle Day! These beautiful reptiles have nested on parts of the Queensland coast for thousands of years, so of course they deserve their own day dedicated to their magnificence!

Mackay is fortunate enough to have turtle nesting and hatching occurring right on its doorstep. Throughout the region, the main species of sea turtle nesting on the mainland is predominantly the Flatback turtle, observed from Seaforth to Armstrong Beach. The Green and Loggerhead species have also been recorded laying on local beaches, however these observations are in much smaller numbers.

Although, sea turtles have survived in the oceans for over 100 million years, at present, all Marine turtles around the world are recognised as a being of conservation concern. Australia is home to six of the seven species of marine turtles, including the Green, Flatback, Hawksbill, Leatherback, Loggerhead and Olive Ridley turtles - all of which are currently classified as either vulnerable or endangered. Additionally, Australia has some of the largest marine turtle nesting areas in the Indo-Pacific region, and has the only nesting population of Flatback turtles in the world, so we urgently need to take care of them.

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