August 11, 2017
Contact: Peter McCallum

Adani $12k fine inadequate

Media Release

Date:      11 August 2017
Contact:  Peter McCallum                           

$12K Abbot Point fine for Adani pollution of Reef coast risks the environment

A $12,000 fine imposed on Adani by the Queensland Government for polluting the Great Barrier Reef coast is inadequate and will encourage future environmental harm at Abbot Point rather than preventative action by the company, according to the Mackay Conservation Group.                                          

The Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection has imposed a fine of $12,190 on the company after it admitted to releasing more than eight times its licenced concentration of pollution in March this year. The Department is yet to report on pollution of the Caley Valley wetlands. 

Mackay Conservation Group coordinator, Peter McCallum, who visited Abbot Point with department officials in April to inspect the pollution said, “It is hard to see how this fine can act as a deterrent. Adani made over $250 million in revenue at Abbot Point in the last financial year, with this fine representing a miniscule 0.005 percent. 

“Adani is likely to make a business decision that it is cheaper to pollute the Caley Valley wetlands and the waters of the Great Barrier Reef than to put in place infrastructure that will ensure the sensitive environments at Abbot Point are never damaged again. 

“Without sufficient penalties for breaching environmental conditions there’s little point in having them. 

“Adani is operating a coal terminal in a cyclone-prone area that cannot withstand a cyclone without risk of polluting the Reef and the Caley Valley Wetlands.

“We need much more than a fine to prevent future pollution if the port is destined to carry Adani’s dirty coal.

“The port’s wastewater management systems are clearly inadequate and sediments which appear to be laden with coal were seen within the Caley Valley Wetlands adjacent to Adani’s storm water system outlet.

“Adani has been given free water, free coal and now almost free rein to pollute the environment and our precious Reef coast. The company can’t be trusted to operate anywhere in Queensland.” 

Mackay Conservation Group exposed aerial photography of Adani’s pollution of the Caley Valley wetlands in April which led to the company admitting to releasing 806mg/L of coal and other pollutants from its port at Abbot Point. 


For further information or interviews, please contact: Peter McCallum 0402 966 560

Before and after vision of the port available on request.

Mackay Conservation Group is a volunteer based organisation that was established in 1983 that works to protect Central Queensland’s environment

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