Defend the gentle dugongs

Dugongs were once so plentiful in Queensland that observers commented that it would take hours for the 100 metre wide herds to pass by, the water thick with their wallowing movements.

Today, dugongs are officially recognised as being vulnerable to extinction.

Will the day come when there will no longer be dugongs in the clear shallow waters off the coast of Queensland, and the only place you’ll be able to see one is in an aquarium? 

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How cute are these Bimblebox babies?

Are you looking for a unique Christmas or birthday gift that also helps preserve on of Queensland's most precious nature reserves?

Long time Mackay Conservation Group supporter, Maureen Cooper, has made these beautiful brooches and stuffed toys of the birds and insects found at the Bimblebox nature reserve. You can have  your own for only $20, and all of the proceeds go the fight to save Bimblebox from Clive Palmer's China First mine.

Pictured right is a Kingfisher, and there are three species of Kingfisher at Bimblebox – Sacred, Forest and Red-backed.

To buy your own Bimblebox baby go to:

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