Call Greg Hunt About Bimblebox

Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt is due to make a decision on the massive coal mine that would destroy Bimblebox Nature Refuge by this Friday, the 20th December

We urge all Bimblebox supporters to call Greg Hunt's office or drop him an email this week, to let him know that there is a big number of Australians out there who don’t want to see this mine to go ahead.
Phone: (02) 6277 2276 or (03) 5979 3188 or

Tell Minister Hunt: "Save Bimblebox from coal mining!"

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  • Bimblebox is an important private protected area in Queensland’s Desert Uplands that was saved from tree clearing by concerned families. It forms part of Australia’s National Reserve System and is covered by a perpetual conservation covenant. It is a valuable conservation area that should not be mined!
  • The destruction of  Bimblebox by mining would represent the most significant impact experienced to date on a nature refuge.  A dangerous precedent that should not be set!
  • Waratah Coal has proposed ‘offsetting’ Bimblebox. However, these ‘offset’ areas are areas of bushland that already exist, so it would only result in a net loss of biodiversity in Queensland!
  • Waratah Coal wants to mine and export 40 million tonnes of coal every year from this proposed mine. That equates to around 95 million tonnes of CO2 – about the annual total from the nation of Greece. This coal should be kept in the ground in the interests of a safe climate!
  • If the mine goes ahead it would have significant impacts on groundwater – a vital resource in the region and for the local grazing industry. Australia cannot afford to sacrifice its precious groundwater!
  • The Galilee Coal Project is only one of up to ten proposed in the Galilee Basin. The cumulative impacts on land, water, communities and the global climate are enormous. These cumulative costs need to be accounted for before any more mines are approved!
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Paola has written an open letter to Minister Hunt which you can download here for additional information.

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