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Victory! Federal Court rejects Carmichael mine

BREAKING NEWS – we just won our court case against Adani’s Carmichael mine!

If built, the proposed Carmichael mine would have been Australia’s largest coal mine exporting up to 60 million tonnes  of coal from across the Great Barrier Reef Coast every year.

In July 2014 the Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt approved the Carmichael mine and in January this year we launched or challenge of the mine arguing that the impacts of the project on the climate and threatened species had not been properly addressed.

Minister Hunt has now admitted that he didn’t adequately consider the impact on the yakka skink and the ornamental snake, two vulnerable species impacted by the mine. You can read the full media release here.

Can you call on him to reject the mine once and for all?

This is a historic win for the Climate, fragile ecosystems in western Qld and the Great Barrier Reef.

This victory would not have been possible without the support of the NSW Environmental Defenders Office and everyone who has donated to the case and helped highlight the impacts of this devastating mine on our Reef, the climate and the unique biodiversity of Western Queensland.

What happens now?

The mine is now without legal authority to commence construction or operate. It is up to Minister Hunt to decide whether or not to approve the mine again, taking into account the conservation advices and any other information on the impacts of the project. The Carmichael mine is back on his desk, and he has the power now to end this disastrous project forever.

Will you tell Greg Hunt not to reject the Carmichael mine once and for all?

The mine has been rejected by the court – now its time for Minister Hunt to reject it for good.

Here’s our top three reasons why the Carmichael project should be rejected:

  1. As Australia’s largest coal mine, it will make an unacceptable contribution to greenhouse gasses and climate change
  2. The Carmichael mine will use over 12 billion litres of water per year, draining precious underground water sources
  3. The Carmichael mine will not yield the promised jobs or royalties for Queensland. Net jobs for the project (taking into account job losses in other industries) will be as low as 1464 and Adani has exaggerated income from royalties from the Carmichael mine.

You can write to Minister Hunt by following this link. He needs to hear from the community.

For a detailed explanation of the case background, the grounds of our challenge and new information about the impacts of the Carmichael mine, please download our background document.

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  • Balakrishna Shetty
    commented 2015-08-06 15:14:39 +1000
    It’s a great news – congratulations to all those involved in fighting against the project. In the Southern State of Karnataka in India, we are also fighting a long legal battle against Adani’s coal fired TPP of 1200MW. The coastal region of Udupi where it is located is a thin strip of land wedged between the Environmental World Heritage site of Western Ghats and the Arabian sea and is ecologically highly sensitive. Unfortunately the cases filed prior to setting up the project is still pending in the Courts that are very slow in taking decision especially against the rich and powerful. Adani now wants to add 1600MW more to the project. If you guys have any data that would help us in the Court, pass it on to: [email protected]. Best wishes for continued success –
    Balakrishna Shetty
  • Josh van Veen
    commented 2015-08-06 08:54:19 +1000
    Thankyou so much for your efforts. A healthy environment affects us all no matter where we live.
  • Mike Purtell
    commented 2015-08-05 11:48:10 +1000
    What fantastic news -congratulations to Mackay Conservation group for taking this iniative -there is hope for the world -this mine must not -repeat MUST NOT PROCEED