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Climate Change in Mackay

Climate change has already started to affect the Mackay region, and unfortunately, the impacts of climate change will become more disastrous over time.

Mackay Conservation Group advocates for strong action on climate change in order to protect our environment and community. 

The Climate Council's  ‘Aim High- Go Fast - Why Emissions Need To Plummet This Decade’ report indicates that we can not afford to open any new thermal coal mines at all. 

We're already experiencing the impacts of climate change; from heatwaves and coral bleaching to extreme weather events and rising seas levels. 

It's time we had real, meaningful and impactful action on climate change - to protect our environment, our health, our families, our homes and our livelihoods.


Our latest work

We need your help - we're currently asking Morrison and Albanese to rule out any publicly-backed coal industry mutual insurance fund.

Recently, coal lobbyists have asked both the ALP and the LNP to support such a fund, due to the increasing insurability of the industry and divestment by financial companies.

We don't think its fair that Australian tax-payers should potentially get stuck with the bill; especially with the increases in the cost of living, the reduction in NDIS services and the worsening effects of climate change on our communities.

That's why we want Morrison and Albanese to take a stand against the coal lobby and say no to any form of a coal industry mutual insurance fund.


Will you add your voice to ours? Together we can get politicians to listen.


You can support Mackay Conservation Group by Volunteering or Donating. 

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