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The Effects of Climate Change on the Mackay Region

Climate change has already started to affect the Mackay region, and unfortunately, the impacts of climate change will become more disastrous over time.

Mackay Conservation Group advocates for strong action on climate change in order to protect our environment and community. 

The Climate Council's  ‘Aim High- Go Fast - Why Emissions Need To Plummet This Decade’ report indicates that we can not afford to open any new thermal coal mines at all. 

Some impacts of climate change include: 

The 2019 Heat Watch - Extreme heat in Mackay report shows 'The projected rise in extremely hot days as a result of global warming presents a serious risk to the health and wellbeing of the Mackay community.

There has already been a clear increase in numbers of these extreme heat days over recent decades. The CSIRO projects this could rise steeply from an average of 1.5 days above 35 degrees, to 19 days by 2050 and potentially 71 days by 2090.'

  • Coral Bleaching from warmer and more acidic seas

Fossil fuel use is causing climate change which is the single biggest threat to the Great Barrier Reef. As the ocean absorbs CO2 from our atmosphere, it is also becoming more acidic.

We must act fast against climate change to save the reef.

The first recorded mass bleaching event along Great Barrier Reef occurred in 1998, then the hottest year on record.

Since then we’ve seen four more mass bleaching events – and more temperature records broken – in 2002, 2016, 2017, and again in 2020.

Lets work together to save The Great Barrier Reef  - You can support Mackay Conservation Group by Volunteering or Donating. 

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