Be part of the #WATERISLIFE Mackay Roadside Action!

This weekend people around Australia will be taking part in peaceful roadside actions to demonstrate support for clean water, our most precious resource. Mackay Conservation Group would like to invite you to be part of our local contingent and help us draw attention to the developments and practices that are damaging our water.waterislife.png

When: Saturday July 8th, 10am - 12pm (noon)
Where: Cnr Bruce Hwy & Sams Road.

At present, the Adani Carmichael mine is receiving a lot of heat from environmental groups all across Australia. The proposed mega-mine sits on the largest underground water body in the world, the Great Artesian Basin. If this project goes ahead it will extract and pollute billions of litres of groundwater each year - causing irreversible damage to these groundwater systems and the surrounding farmers and communities in which they vitally depend. This comes at a time when 87% of Queensland is drought declared, the most widespread drought declaration ever recorded in the state.

Water is one of the most precious yet undervalued resources on Earth. Without it, life on our planet would not exist. So let's stand up for life!

To be involved in an action that speaks for clean water above water polluting industries, come down this Saturday morning and show your support!


#WATERISLIFE is a nation wide initiative that is asking all Australians to unite and stand for our water!

We hope to see you there!

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