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Donate to Stop Adani

   Mackay locals standing outdoors in front of whale mural holding stop adani signs and cardboard fish

You can help Stop Adani for good.

Adani/Bravus have just announced that they have finally reached coal at the Carmichael coal mine - but the fight is far from over.

Adani is making a splash in the media but we know there is a lot more going on behind the scenes. Thanks to the continuing pressure from the Stop Adani movement, they have had trouble securing finance and insurance for the Carmichael project. Adani do not yet have a rail line to ship out the coal or a processing plant to handle the coal. Their supporters are dropping out all over the place.

This is a crucial point in time. We need to be scaling up our campaign and putting more pressure than ever on this project to #StopAdani for good.

Running a full-time campaign including staffing and resourcing for community organising, site scrutiny investigations, media response, community education and more, costs a lot of money. 

Employing a campaigner full time will allow us to further expose Adani’s environmental destruction at the site of the Adani Coal and Rail Project.

Mackay Conservation Group’s work is vital in the local, national, and international Stop Adani and climate action movement. 

People power has held this mine back for ten years, but now is the time for those of us who want to protect our precious water, cultural heritage, climate, Great Barrier Reef, and endangered species to step up more determinedly than ever.

Mackay Conservation Group has been fighting Adani since 2011, Our work on exposing the destruction, community organising, public awareness, and site scrutiny has been made possible by generous donations and the determination of people like you.

You can help ramp up the pressure and stop the Adani Carmichael coal mine by donating to Mackay Conservation Group.

$2,000 GOAL