Help Us Expose Environmental Damage

DJI_0019.jpgGathering evidence of the damage caused to our local environment can be difficult at times but has been vastly enhanced by drone technology.

Over the past couple of years Mackay Conservation Group has cooperated with Lock the Gate and the World Wildlife Fund to obtain drone footage of the impacts of mining and excessive land clearing.

However, we haven't had access to a drone for our own work aimed at protecting Great Barrier Reef islands from inappropriate development, exposing poor performance in forestry operations and highlighting the impact of bad land management on our waterways. 

We want to be able to gather visual images that clearly illustrate the damage being done to our environment but we need some help. A quality drone plus the software and other equipment we need to run it will cost around $4000.

If you can donate a few dollars towards the purchase of a drone for MCG then we can do more to protect the our land and water. Please donate today.

Who's donating

Russell Watts
Michelle Ready
Mick Woodbridge
Simon Gedda
Brady Meyers
Alisa Wortley
Michael DePinto
Peter McCallum
Jacquie Sheils
Ro Nicolson
Maxine Godley
Peter McCallum
$1,960.00 raised
GOAL: $4,000.00
Contributions are tax deductible.

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