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Thanks very much for signing our Lindeman Island petition. Your name and all the others who have signed will be sent to Queensland's Premier and Environment Minister to let them both know that you don't support the privatisation of any national park in this state. 

We need to do more to ensure that Lindeman is protected. Otherwise a precedent will be established that enable other national parks sold for private development in the future. Even if you only have a minute to spare you can do more to ensure that Lindeman Island National Park is not privatised.

 Sign the Qld Parliament Petition 

Revoking any part of Lindeman Island National Park will require a vote by the parliament. We have established a petition on the Queensland Parliament website that will enable you to tell all of Queensland's MPs that you don't support privatisation of national parks and that they should vote against the proposal. Click here to sign this important petition.

 Write to your Local Newspaper 

If you have ten minutes to spare to protect Lindeman Island National Park you could write a letter to your local newspaper saying that you don't support the the privatisation of Lindeman or any of our national parks. The national parks system has been put in place to protect areas of significant natural and scientific values. Those values will be lost forever once development occurs. Click here for a list of newspaper addresses.

 Call or Write to the Environment Minister 

Queensland Environment Minister, Steven Miles, is responsible for our national parks system. The current government came to power on a promise not to privatise public assets. He needs to know that Queenslanders are outraged by the government's support for privatising part of Lindeman Island National Park. You can send him an email, phone him or send him a letter. His contact details are:

Steven Miles
Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection and Minister for National Parks and the Great Barrier Reef
GPO Box 2454, Brisbane QLD 4001
Phone: (07) 3719 7330

 Make a Submission on the EIS 

The White Horse Lindeman proposal is to revoke nearly four square kilometres of the national park for a tourism development. All the land that is in the national park is classified as remnant vegetation. Some of it is endangered, such as the melaleuca forest.

Send a submission to the Environmental Impact Statement. You could simply say that you oppose the revocation of national park land for any reason. If this proposal is allowed to proceed then in future other national parks could also be under threat. Tell the Coordinator General how it makes you feel to know that the state government is considering handing over national park land to a private developer.

Send your submission by 4 September 2017 to:

c/‐ EIS project manager 
Lindeman Great Barrier Reef Resort Project 
PO Box 15517, City East QLD 4002

 Make a Donation 

We have been very fortunate to receive some very generous donations that have enabled us to publicise this issue. However those funds are all but exhausted. Please consider making a small donation to assist this campaign. Click here to donate. 

Thanks very much for your support


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