Don't wake up on December 1st with Adani's hand in your pocket!

Adani wants you to help fund their mine - but you won't be given a choice..

In 2018 Adani couldn't find a single banker prepared to finance their polluting project. Governments responded by saying there would be no public money for the Carmichael mine and Adani must stack up environmentally and financially.

Despite Adani's claims that they would finance 100% of the project, Adani is back demanding that Queensland taxpayers cough up hundreds of millions of dollars. They want you to subsidise their climate-wrecking coal mine.

Don't wake up on the first of December with Adani's hand in your pocket!

Sign our petition now and let the QLD government know you don't want a single cent of public money funding Adani's polluting mega-mine.

What is happening..

Adani is in secret negotiations with the Queensland government. At stake - up to 700 million dollars in royalties for Queensland.

Adani wants to dig up Queensland coal, sell it overseas and not pay a cent in mining royalties for up to a decade. 

Adani promise they will pay us back in the distant future, but financial experts have described Adani Australia as a 'corporate collapse waiting to happen.' So it is anyone's guess if we will ever see a cent from the project. Adani wants a decision no later than the thirtieth of November, but the details are likely to remain commercial in confidence.

Take this opportunity to let the Queensland Premier know that you won't support a climate-wrecking, water-guzzling mega coal mine.

Not one dollar for Adani!!


Petition wording

To the Premier of Queensland,  Annastacia Palaszczuk

As signee to this petition I do not support the Queensland government paying any public money, providing  services or subsidies in the form of cash handouts, royalty holidays, discounts, loans or otherwise to assist the Adani corporation in any way to build a private coal mining project in central Queensland. 


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