Dear Premier, please protect the Reef

Our Reef is dying. If we don't stop the production of fossil fuels and the fast-paced effects of climate change worsening, we will lose it forever.

Whilst the Australian people were doing everything we could to save lives and the economy during the Covid-19 pandemic, bushfires and droughts, the fossil fuel giants have been using this crisis to consolidate their power.

If we don't put a stop to them now, it will be too late to save the Great Barrier Reef.

You can save our Reef by telling the Queensland Premier that the environment must be prioritised over short-term profits. The Queensland Government's priority must be a safe climate for us and for nature. Without your help, our Reef will soon be gone forever. Please sign our petition today. 

For more information on why Coral Reefs are so important, watch the video below. 

Dear Premier,

We members of the Queensland community know that recently our Reef suffered another mass bleaching event and we are concerned that further expansion of the fossil fuel industry will kill it forever.

We want to keep the 64,000 jobs that depend on the Reef and generate $6.4 billion annually for the Queensland economy. Most importantly we want the Great Barrier Reef and its rich biodiversity preserved for our children and future generations.

Please make our Reef a priority over fossil fuel investment, we are counting on you to act!

Our Reef is vitally important!

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Will you sign?