Shoal Point - Low Tide Beautiful Walk 2017

IMG_0229_small.jpg23 July 2017, 3pm-5pm

It has been a while since we held a Beautiful Walk so we decided to begin again with one of our favourites, at Shoal Point. We have timed this walk to coincide with a very low tide when all of sandy and rocky foreshore will be exposed.

You'll see lots of amazing creatures such as this feather star. Feather stars are crinoids and related to starfish and sea urchins. They have been described as "the most peaceful and beautiful starfish." It is very pleasing to watch their delicate tentacles wave in the tidal currents as they capture their food.

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Shoal Point has an abundance of sea life. It's hard to know what will turn up with each tide but we have seen soft corals, spider crabs, starfish, sea urchins and many other creatures on previous visits. Bring your camera, you won't be disappointed. 

We'll be walking in places where there are a few rocks and shallow water so please wear enclosed footwear. Feel free to bring some food and stay around for a chat after the walk. 

As with all our Beautiful Walks, there is no charge for participating but you must RSVP. Go to

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