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Media release: Newman announces funding coal rail line to Abbot Point

At the same time as cutting services and jobs to rebalance the budget, the Qld government is choosing to spend taxpayer dollars propping up a risky investment to boost the profits of a foreign mining company.

Can you call his office today on 07 3719 7000 and say this handout to Adani means less money for schools and hospitals and more reef destruction.

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Trick or treat George!

Are George Christensen and the Federal government tricking the Queensland public while treating Adani to Australias grazing land, precious water resources and now the Caley Valley wetlands?

On Friday October 31st around thirty supporters and members of Mackay Conservation Group gathered outside George Christensens office to protest Greg Hunts decision to fast track the proposal to dump dredge spoil in the Caley Valley wetlands at Abbot Point. 

Trick or treat George Christensen?

















As you can see from our previous posts, Mackay Conservation Group has been working on this issue for years with concern over the impact of port developments on this precious area.


And worse, the Queensland taxpayer is footing the bill for the development, even though it is for private mining companies with ALL of the profits going off shore! Is this a good use of taxpayers funds?


The Queensland government maintains that the coal industry is necessary to fund schools and hospitals in our great State. But whats the truth?

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Government Inquiry queries legality of Seeney’s Galilee Basin plan

MEDIA RELEASE: 13th August

A Parliamentary Inquiry into the Galilee Basin State Development Area (SDA) has thrown doubt over Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney’s plans for rail lines from proposed coal mines in central Queensland to the Abbot Point terminal.

The Queensland government declared the Galilee Basin State Development Area in June so it had the power to buy up property for the coal rail lines.

‘The SDA fails to meet the basic legal test of being in the public interest and should be immediately withdrawn,’ said Dr Moira Williams of the Mackay Conservation Group.

The majority of landholders in the State Development Areaare opposed to it’s declaration and the SDA has now been referred to the State Development Infrastructure and Industry Committee to scrutinise its legality.

‘The SDA is an abuse of power and totally unnecessary. There are existing provisions in the legislation that allow for compulsory acquisition of land to build the rail lines,’ said Ms Williams.

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