Tree Clearing Rally - Planning Meeting


If you lined up 1,200 bulldozers side by side and drove them from Brisbane to Cairns then that's equivalent to the area of trees cleared, or planned to be cleared, in Queensland since 2013.

In September Mackay Conservation Group will be holding a rally to show we care about wildlife and want new tree clearing laws in our state.

Over the past four years one million hectares of woodland and forest has been bulldozed or the landholder has notified an intention to clear. We must end this practice that is destroying forests, killing wildlife, damaging the atmosphere and increasing runoff into streams and rivers that flow to the Great Barrier Reef. We need to show politicians that people in our region care as much about tree clearing as other Queenslanders do.

To make this rally a success we'll need people to take on some of the the big and small tasks. The first one is planning the event. If you would like to help protect our wildlife, please come along to our first organising meeting at the Mackay Environment Centre, 156 Wood St Mackay on Tuesday 18 July at 6.30pm.

You can RSVP here:

There will be jobs for everyone to do such as:

  • making colourful visual images like cardboard bulldozers, trees, koalas and other wildlife that would look good on TV or social media
  • designing and painting banners.
  • organising logistics such as liaising with the police and council, organising speakers, booking PAs, etc
  • posting messages on social media
  • designing and distributing flyers

The aim of the meeting on Tuesday is to brainstorm ideas about how we can share the story out about tree clearing and the rally. We will also start to put in place people to take on some of the jobs. Many hands make light work.

If you haven't seen it yet, the Guardian newspaper has a very informative article about the impact that tree clearing is having on the Great Barrier Reef. You can read it here:

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