National Tree Day Giveaway!

National.jpgThis month, we are celebrating National Tree Day & what better way to celebrate it then with a free tree giveaway!  

In honor of our beautiful life-giving trees, Mackay Conservation Group will be hosting a National Tree Day giveaway in which we will be giving local and native trees back into the community.

National Tree Day is a great opportunity to start the conversation within the local community on the importance of trees and the prevalent issues that are currently causing them harm.

You may not be aware, but the clearing of trees is a significant issue in Australia. In Queensland alone, an area the size of The Gabba is cleared nearly every 2 minutes, creating carbon emissions equal to a third of Australia’s coal power pollution and putting harmful run-off into our already fragile Great Barrier Reef. All while killing native animals and destroying wildlife habitat.  

To witness footage that captures some of the devastation of land clearing, released by the Wilderness Society, click here.

So come down and have a chat to us, collect a free tree to compliment your garden and join our campaign to stop excessive tree clearing across Queensland.

We will be situated on the Corner of Wood St and Victoria St, Monday the 31st of July from 12pm - 2pm.

There will be a variety of all local and native plant species available, most of which attract a variety of native birds and butterflies.

All of these plants were very kindly donated to us by Pioneer Catchment & Landcare Group.

The plant species up for grabs will include:

~ Cape Hillsborough Bottlebrush

~ Eungella Bottlebrush – Melaleuca paludicola

~ Lime Berry – Micromelum minutum

~ Mt Blackwood Holly - Graptophyllum ilicifolium

~ Native Ginger - Alpinia caerulea

~ Native Gardenia - Atractocarpus fitzalanii

~ Native Jasmine - Jasminum didymum

~ Native Lasiandra – Melastoma malabathricum

~ Giant Palm Lily - Cordyline manners-suttoniae

~ Tuckeroo – Cupaniopsis anacardioides

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call Peter McCallum on 0402 966 560 or 4953-0808

July 31, 2017 at 12pm - 2pm
Cnr of Wood & Victoria St
Peter McCallum · · 49530808

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