Yes, I want the Reef and our environment to be protected


Imagine in 2050 having to explain to your grandchildren that the Great Barrier Reef is gone, and you did nothing to help save it.

If you care about the Reef, if you care about the planet, if you care about the world that the next generations will be born into, then you are at one with the values of the Mackay Conservation Group.

When you make a kind gift to Mackay Conservation Group, you

- help campaign against the dredging, dumping, coal port development, excess shipping and environmental degradation that is damaging the much-loved Great Barrier Reef

- support the work of a dedicated local not-for-profit group, many of whom are volunteers, who are fighting to protect the Reef and the environment for everyone.

Please give. 100 per cent of your gift will be used for research and campaigning - guaranteed.