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Our Team


Climate Campaigner- Imogen Lindenberg
Climate Campaigner
Imogen Lindenberg
Imogen was born in Mackay and raised in Mackay. She has a background in grassroots community organising and campaigning -particularly across rural and regional Queensland.  She firmly believes in the power that communities have to advocate for what’s best for them. She has been volunteering for the group for 10+ years and is excited to work towards helping to create a sustainable movement that consistently pushes for positive change. Contact Imogen at [email protected]
Administrator - Gabriella Sovago
Gabriella Sovago
Gabi was born and raised in Hungary and after years of travelling around the World, now has settled in Mackay. She is a trained B2B marketer with more than 10 years of experience in the marketing field both in and outside of Australia. In her free time, she volunteers for SES, dances and spends time with her dog. She is excited to channel her energy into furthering the goal of the MCG as a part-time administrator and is dedicated to fostering a sustainable movement that consistently advocates for positive environmental change. Contact Gabi at [email protected]

Management committee

Vice President- Grant Howard
Vice President
Grant Howard
Grant is a retired supervisor who worked in the coal and resource industry in the Mackay region. He joined Mackay Conservation Group in 2019 after recognising the global failure by leaders and politicians to abate carbon emissions. His interests and hobbies include a just transition for people working in fossil fuel industries, bush regeneration and the rewilding of local Mackay landscapes. Grant understands the value of natural landscapes to the Australian identity and wants future generations to enjoy them.
Treasurer- Tyson Willoughby
Tyson Willoughby
Tyson is a local, born and bred passionate environmentalist who has been working in the construction industry as an electrician. He joined MCG as a volunteer in 2024 because he was fed up with the lack of awareness and activism to preserve the ecosystem. Tyson is very interested in renewable energy and just transition from reliance and fossil fuels. He enjoys hiking much of the beautiful Mackay region and prides himself on shopping local, supporting locals and fighting for social justice.
Committee Member- Michael Williams
Committee Member
Michael Williams
Michael is a consultant Paediatrician who worked for 39 years in Mackay, in private practice and as Director of Child & Adolescent Health Mackay Base Hospital. Now he is a paediatrician for Queensland Paediatric Telehealth Service – providing paediatric consultation to rural sites in Queensland. He enjoys travel to rural sites in Australia as well as running, swimming and bike riding. He loves the natural environment and is concerned we have lost too much and are continuing to lose healthy ecosystems. He is also concerned about climate change – its environmental, social and health impacts. 
Committee Member- Mary Anne Baillie
Committee Member
Mary Anne Baillie
Mary Anne is a retired primary school teacher.  She was born and educated in Mackay and began her teaching career at Mackay Central.  After working in Wewak PNG, Townsville and Sydney she is now enjoying her retirement in Mackay. She has been a member of MCG for about 12 years and a member of the Management Committee for about 7 years.  Through her work with MCG, she wants to see the beautiful environment of Mackay preserved for future generations.
President- Tony Fontes
Tony Fontes
Tony is an accredited Dive Instructor and before retiring spent 40 years as a dive operator based in the Whitsundays. Much of that time spent training instructors from Brisbane to Darwin and everywhere in between as well as Fiji, Solomon Islands and New Zealand. His real passion is being in the water and observing the myriad of life found on the Reef, an environment far more remarkable than anything found above water. His involvement in Reef conservation started nearly 40 years ago when he realised that the Reef is under pressure and little was being done to protect it.
Secretary- Nicky Hungerford
Nicky Hungerford
Nicky has a long history with the environment in Queensland. She has worked with the Queensland Conservation Council (Rural Liaison Officer, and Coordinator – twice!) She also has worked with the Cairns and Far North Environment Centre (CAFNEC) and even a short contract with MCG. Most of the past 18 years, Nicky has been working overseas – mainly Southeast Asia and Timor-Leste where she is now working as a Communication Mentor with Red Cross. She loves cricket and crazy shark movies and hates injustice.
Committee Member- Maggie Mckeown
Committee Member
Maggie Mckeown
Maggie Mckeown has been campaigning for Climate Justice for many years, starting out at Mackay Conservation Group. Maggie has pushed for better climate policies in state and federal elections and has been part of big wins against fossil fuel companies in Australia and internationally. Grassroots organising and campaigning is critical to making big change in the world which is why Maggie is passionate about supporting Mackay Conservation Group. 

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