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Media Release: Swim Raises $12,000 for River Protection

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Media Release

23 February 2020

Public Donates $12,000 To Protect Rivers

Members of Mackay Conservation Group have plunged headlong into a campaign to safeguard our rivers.

Community members have donated $12,000 to Mackay Conservation Group’s campaign to protect the region’s rivers from pollution, overuse and dams. 

Boy swimming in a poolThe group organised the Swim For Our Rivers swim-a-thon at the Pioneer Pool in North Mackay on Saturday. 

Eight teams participated in the fundraising event, with a total of more than 40 people involved, aged from five to seventy-five. 

Mackay Conservation Group will use the funds to commence a campaign that aims to protect the Urannah Creek, west of Mackay, from a proposed dam. 

The group also plans to identify supporters to lobby for greater funding to rehabilitate streams so they can provide the best habitat possible for wildlife.

Mackay Conservation Group coordinator, Peter McCallum, said “we were very pleasantly surprised by the generosity and support from people in our community for this fundraising event.

“Donations can still be made for the next week, so it’s very possible we could raise close to $20,000.”

On Friday one generous local donor contacted Mackay Conservation Group to say that they would match any donation made by the end of February, up to a total of $10,000.

“Local people love the environment of this beautiful region, that’s why they support groups like ours that are speaking up for animals and nature.

“We will be running a number of other fundraisers over the next few months to ensure we can employ a skilled person to lead this important campaign.

“It may be that we have to take legal action to prevent the Urannah Dam proceeding, so we will also start building a war-chest now,” Mr McCallum said.

Members of the community can see how this fundraiser is progressing and make donations by visiting



Contact Peter McCallum 0402 966 560

A Flickr album of 37 photographs from the event can be found by clicking here


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