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Mackay Conservation Group is taking Whitehaven Coal to the Queensland Land Court!

Whitehaven Coal proposes to develop Australia's largest greenfield coal project, the Winchester South mine, located in the Bowen Basin.

If approved, the mine would likely:

  • Extract up to 17 million tonnes of thermal and metallurgical coal annually for 28 years, resulting in at least 583 million tonnes of climate pollution - surpassing the entire annual emissions of Australia. (Note: Much of the coal extracted from Winchester would be burned overseas, yet it would still contribute to global warming impacts within Australia.)
  • Emit significant volumes of unchecked methane into the atmosphere, exacerbating the already underreported methane emissions from the Bowen Basin.
  • Destroy a minimum of 2000 hectares of wildlife habitat, which serves as the home to endangered and threatened species, including koalas (equivalent to 242 football fields of koala habitat), the greater glider, the Australian painted snipe, the ornamental snake, and squatter pigeon.
  • Encompass the excavation of six massive mine pits.
  • Have an unacceptable impact on water resources, including the Isaac floodplain and groundwater aquifers.
  • Impinge upon human rights due to the climate consequences affecting generations of Australians.

We are seeking the refusal of this project, but we need your help!

Donate to our Fighting Fund to help us cover our legal costs and fight our campaigns!

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