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Just Transition

Mackay Conservation Group understands the multifaceted impacts of transitioning away from fossil fuels and the need to ensure that any transition is economically and socially just.

Frontline communities, workers within the fossil fuel industry, Indigenous Peoples around the world and developing countries in the global South are the most vulnerable when it comes to the detrimental effects of climate change and should be at the forefront of the transition away from the industry.

We're currently working with other organisations in the broader climate movement to develop a plan for Central Queensland that reflects the needs of our communities. 

Through discussion with community members, business and other stakeholders, we're lobbying for increased Federal, State and Local government support.

The Beyond Zero Emissions Million Jobs Plan is an example of the positive economic and social opportunities that our region could benefit from if the transition away from fossil fuels is done in a people-centred and just way.


Talk to us!

We're very aware of the vulnerability of coal mine workers during this transition - that's why we want to hear from you.

We're growing the voices of coal workers who want to have a say in how the region transitions with them. Coal workers have been a major contributor to Mackay's economy, and its only fair that we support them during this time. If you are a coal worker, or have experience within the industry, we want to hear your thoughts, ideas and opinion.

While we are not currently engaged in any active community discussion, we welcome and appreciate any thoughts or ideas you have to share on what a just transition looks like to you, and invite you to send them to [email protected].

Volunteer with us!

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