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Media Release: Adani back in court, polling shows public oppose handouts

Adani in court today for breaching their ‘special’ pollution licence

New poll reveals Central Queensland voters oppose the Qld government granting special deals to Adani on roads, royalties and water

Mackay Conservation Group released polling today that shows the majority of Central and North Queensland voters want government subsidies for Adani withdrawn. The group delivered a letter to local MP, Julieanne Gilbert, calling on the Queensland Government to cancel what amounts to nearly $500 million in subsidies.

Peter McCallum, Co-ordinator of Mackay Conservation Group said, “It’s disturbing that governments trust Adani to push ahead with a mine at a time when they’re being prosecuted in court for polluting the Great Barrier Reef with coal.

“Last year the Queensland government granted Adani a favour and issued a special licence to allow them to pour coal-laden water into one of the world’s greatest natural assets, the Great Barrier Reef, and Adani failed to even comply with that.

“Today the Mackay Conservation Group is releasing new Reachtel polling in three federal electorates in regional Queensland, conducted on 30 November.

“The polling of voters in Townsville, Rockhampton and Mackay reveals more that 60.0% of respondents strongly oppose the Queensland government giving Adani special deals, which allow the company to avoid paying a reported $370 million in royalties and offers Adani a $100 million publicly-funded road upgrade and a licence to take unlimited water for 60 years.

“The poll shows that in Dawson, Herbert and Capricornia in northern Queensland, 57.1%, 59.3% and 63.6% of voters oppose these deals.

“The Queensland Premier has promised 'no state funding for Adani' and that she will 'ensure they [Adani] will comply with those strict environmental conditions put in place', yet the Premier has clearly failed on both counts.

“Regional Queenslanders still don't want to give taxpayer money to billionaire Adani for their polluting coal mine. Premier Palaszczuk needs to listen to voters and revoke the public handouts for Adani.

"When Adani announced they were self financing their polluting coal mine, Lucas Dow said they didn’t 'require a cent of Australian taxpayer dollars.' So why is Premier Palaszczuk giving Adani special taxpayer funded deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars?” Mr McCallum said.  

“With Adani being prosecuted for polluting the Reef, and under investigation by the Department of Environment for drilling into Queensland’s groundwater at its mine site, the Queensland government should cancel Adani’s special deals for royalties, water and roads”.


Poll question and results

uComms conducted a survey of 1941 residents across the QLD federal electorates of Herbert, Dawson and Capricornia on the night of the 27 & 28 November 2018.

Question: The Queensland government has offered Adani special deals which mean the company will avoid paying a reported $370M in royalties, get a $100 million publicly-funded road upgrade and enjoy a licence to take unlimited water for 60 years. Do you support or oppose the state government giving Adani special deals and subsidies?

Strongly oppose: 36.65%
Oppose: 23.34%
Unsure: 18.44%
Support: 10.00%
Strongly support: 11.51%

Poll Results

Individual poll results for Herbert, Dawson & Capricornia



Mackay: Peter McCallum, Coordinator, Mackay Conservation Group 0402 966 560

Townsville: Tarquin Moon, Coordinator North Queensland Conservation Council, 0428 987 535

Rockhampton: Sherie Bruce, Capricorn Conservation Council, 0473 452 028

Brisbane (Legal): Andrew Kwan, Senior Solicitor, Qld EDO is available for backgrounding: 07 3211 4466   [email protected]


Vision and stills

Bowen Court Protest Today

Cyclone Debbie and Abbot Point
Stop Adani Flickr

Drone footage after coal spill:  pwd: c0@l


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