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Water Quality

Pristine clear rainforest waters from Eungella National Park flow along Urannah Creek. These waters need to be protected for the health of our region. 

Previous damming projects such a the Burdekin Dam produced almost permanently turbid water downstream. This is due to the limited settling of the suspended colloidal sediment trapped in the reservoir. The proposed Urannah Dam will likely degrade the rivers water quality similarly. This turbidity affects all aquatic life in the river, reducing the amount of oxygen in the water. This means that unique creatures like the bum breathing Irwins Turtle will no longer be able to survive as it won’t be able to breathe under the Urannah Creek waters, whose clarity it currently relies on. Reduced water quality will also negatively affect; vegetation, fish spawning and migration.

We must protect these pristine rainforest waters from being decimated!

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