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Save Urannah

The Pristine Urannah Creek is one of Queensland's last wild spaces & needs your help. This isolated habitat is one of the last areas in Central Queensland that remains in it's pre-European glory, becoming a safe haven and home to Irwins Turtle (named after the iconic Steve Irwin himself), as well as many other endangered and fragile flora and fauna populations. The proposed Urannah Dam threatens not only this ecosystem, but also others that rely on the waters that flow from it. This threat is not only a result of the dams plans to submerge much of this unique habitat, but also because it will reduce the flow and quality of water that runs down the Burdekin River. Flow reduction is a huge threat to farmers who rely on groundwater recharge to survive and many will be forced to move to high cost irrigation as a result. This reduced water quality, including increased turbidity, also threatens the health of the reef.

Urannah Creek is the traditional homelands of the Birri & Wiri people who have fought multiple damming proposals since the 60's with every plan failing economical and environmental feasibility studies and this plan by Bowen River Utilities is no different. In addition to the environmental risks an independent economic analysis found the plan will return a measly 26c on the $1. Putting a huge strain on taxpayers and the farmers who will have to pay high water prices as a result.

The Urannah Dam is just one of four dam proposals being pushed forward within Burdekin Basin in which Urannah Creek lies, and there has been no consideration for the cumulative impacts of these plans, as well as the impacts of climate change. We must act to protect Urannah Creek and ensure its health, and the health of our river systems for generations to come.

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