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Cumulative Impacts

Four dam projects are currently proposed for the Burdekin River system. 

The average flow of the Burdekin River is over 40% of that of the Murray-Darling.  Currently, the only existing large dam on the river is the Burdekin Falls Dam, constructed in 1987 and it traps 88% of the watershed. It provides irrigation water for irrigated sugar farms in the lower Burdekin. However there are currently business case studies for not just Urannah Dam, but also raising by 2m the Burdekin Falls Dam, Hells Gates Dam and the Big Rocks Weir. 

The Burdekin River desperately needs a thorough scientific investigation into its ecological requirements and the needs of the life that it supports, including the marine environment. Currently, these projects are not being assessed cumulatively risking that the Burdekin River will face the same fate as the devastation the Murray-Darling is currently seeing from overdevelopment.

We must demand river management that protects our vital water assets.

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