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We oughta be worried about our water

World Water Day is a day to celebrate a truly precious resource and a day to learn more about how we can protect it. 

This year the group focused on groundwater and in particular the potential impacts of opening up the Galilee Basin to mining. 

Just this week a study was released with information suggesting that Adani's Carmichael mine could threaten the existence of the ecologically and culturally significant Doongmabulla Springs. 

Read more about the report here.

The springs are home to a number of endemic species, that would face extinction if the springs were sucked dry. 

A group of dedicated volunteers waded deep into Adani's murky water licence and the predicted threats to groundwater on World Water Day and will take this information to the wider community. Read on for access to some great information resources. 

On World Water Day we welcomed experienced researcher and campaigner, Patricia Julien, back to the Environment Centre to give a presentation on the predicted threats of opening up the Galilee Basin to mining. 

If you missed it, don't worry, there is another important Groundwater information night coming up soon: Our Water Our Lifeblood on the 12th of April - RSVP now.

Aquifers and aquitards forming within layers of sediment create complex groundwater systems. One of the impacts described in the new report (featured above) is that the Carmichael mine could damage the Rewan Aquitard, which would allow water from aquifers and the ecologically and culturally significant Doongmabulla springs to run dry.

Alongside the environmental impacts, there is serious concern for the landholders whose land would no longer be usable if groundwater resources were depleted. Though some 'make good' agreements may offer monetary compensation, it is impossible to put a price tag on the loss of access to water on a property. You can read more of Patricia's presentation here.  

Adani's Associated Water Licence is unique, because legislation was put in place that prevents the community from objecting to the company's water use. This legislation was pushed through by the Queensland Government on the night that Donald Trump was elected president, a time when all media was focused on the US.

Without water, our environment and our communities cannot exist, so we will continue to campaign to protect our water. 

Get in touch if you would like to learn and check out this new factsheet from Lock the Gate available here

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