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A chance to have your say - inquiry into the Newman Government

Queensland's Government is currently the subject of an unprecedented federal inquiry after a deal between the Palmer United Party, Labor and the Greens. Over the next six months a Senate committee will examine Queensland's use of Commonwealth funds, the administration of the state's judicial system, and questions around development and environmental approvals. You can read the full Terms of Reference here.

The inquiry has a specific focus on approvals for coal and gas projects and provides a unique opportunity to expose the failures of the Qld Government to protect land, water and communities. Even the Queensland government themselves have admitted in an Auditor General's report last year that they do not have the resources, the systems or the data to adequately monitor and regulate resource projects. So there is plenty to talk about.


The inquiry has gained a lot of media interest and was off to a firey start at the first hearing in the Gold Coast yesterday. The next hearing is in Brisbane on 21 November, but submissions are open now til next Tuesday.

Do you have concerns about the approvals process for resource projects in Queensland? If so you may like to consider making a submission to the inquiry.

It is important that the Government hears the concerns from everyday people like you. Please take a minute to make a quick submission today.

There is an easy to use submission tool here. You can edit the email as you see fit. or write your own and send it to: [email protected]. BUT HURRY, Submissions are due next Tuesday 18th November.

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  • Eric Bowden
    commented 2014-11-15 08:21:07 +1000
    John, I couldn’t agree more. I am still struggling with the very concept of continued year on year growth and any meaningful protection for the environment. It would be nice to see a focus on quality of living over expansion. The Queensland plan contains numerous contradictions on our future, for example, “preventing urban sprawl” against “double the regional population” which obviously means additional employment related developments. Unfortunately the science of the environment seems to completely escape our current Premier nor does he show any regard for finding out.
  • John Frois
    commented 2014-11-14 22:28:50 +1000
    Unfortunately Mr. Newman is obsessed with supercharging the economy as he calls it. The Dollar signs in his eyes make him blind to values other than mining. This misguided and wrongheaded Qld Premier thinks a healthy Barrier Reef can exist in an industrial wasteland.
    That anyone could place the fate of our Barrier Reef, the biggest living organism on the planet into the hands of an irresponsible and destructive company such as Adani beggars belief. Let’s hope the groundswell of opposition from the good people in Queensland and the rest of the world can stop this proposed Abbott Point development, which is nothing but an exercise of the name of greed.