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Sign the pledge to cancel Adani's Water Licence

The Adani coal mine puts at risk water resources that are the lifeblood of Central Queensland.

Don’t stand by and watch Adani rob us of life-giving water.

Sign the pledge to the Queensland Premier, Minister for Natural Resources and Mines and Minister for Environment.

Rivers, ancient springs and aquifers that form part of the Great Artesian Basin are all at threat from the dangerous Adani project. But we need this vital water in times of drought.

Pledge: "Water is life. It’s time to put water for Queensland before water for mining giants.  We’re calling on you to cancel Adani’s water licences to take river water and groundwater, and to protect our fragile water resources for future generations."

And make sure you come along to Lock the Gate's Our Water, Our Lifeblood Regional Tour when it comes to Mackay on April 12.

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  • Joan Keijer
    posted about this on Facebook 2018-04-09 14:30:21 +1000
    Sign the pledge to cancel Adani's Water Licence