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Beautiful day at local Town Beach

Over 30 people enjoyed a fun and social afternoon stroll along Town Beach for our Beautiful Walk in May. Clear skies, warm weather and the low tide proved the perfect mix for the group to learn more about Mackay's iconic beach!

Joined by three guest speakers, the attendees were given a special insight into the natural value of the area. Patricia Julien spoke about the geographical history that has completely reshaped Town Beach. Cyclones, coastal processes and development have transformed the shoreline to something different over only a few decades.

Mackay & Districts Turtle Watch Association spokesperson, Fay Griffin, explained the significance of our region for sea turtles. While Town Beach isn't a major nesting site, Mackay's coastline is dotted with areas used frequently by nesting turtles. All species of sea turtles are considered to be endangered or vulnerable, making our local shores an incredibly important area in the conservation of these wonderful animals.

Also on hand was Jonathan Dykyj from Mackay Regional Council, who spoke about the current management of the beach. Through the council's Natural Environment Levy, Jonathan has been involved with developing and implementing local coastal plans. Groundworks include controlling weeds, local native tree planting, removing rubbish, community education and dune rehabilitation.

The Town Beach Beautiful Walk was exceptionally unique in that it was the first walk organised by volunteers. This year, we have changed the program to allow our members to have more of a role in these events. Our amazing volunteers bought invaluable, new ideas, learnt new skills and took ownership of this successful event!

Want to help with Beautiful Walks?

You can help protect Mackay's natural environment by volunteering with us and help show residents and visitors the beauty of our region. Volunteer roles include scouting out walk locations, booking guest speakers, creating walk resources and setting up the event online. 

Send us a message to volunteer!

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