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Clearing in Andergrove


 In June residents in Andergrove reported their concerns with the clearing of 25 trees in an endangered melaleuca wetland regional ecosystem that is part of the Great Barrier Reef wetland system of McCreadys Creek catchment.

This was reported to the vegetation management management officers in the QLD Department of Natural Resources and Mines, as well as Council. Councillors were told that permission was given to clear dead trees that were not habitat for fauna species.

On July 30th workers were back clearing another dozen trees and branches as well as invasive weed species. Live trees and branches were cleared. What is left is a park like landscape with no understorey.

Images were taken and sent to DNRM for appraisal. We will keep watching and reporting as it is illegal to clear endangered vegetation unless it is for a project of necessary state infrastructure. 

Council needs a much better policy to protect the little remaining endangered ecosystems that are left in Mackay. You can help by asking Council only to manage weeds in such ecosystems and conserve the rest for remaining wildlife.

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