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How Another Coal Mine Can Affect Your Everyday Life

Mackay Conservation Group is taking Australia’s worst coal company to court. Whitehaven Coal is trying to dig its massive Winchester South coal mine in our backyard in the Bowen Basin. As the biggest greenfield coal mine proposed in Australia, Winchester South would turbocharge climate change, destroy hundreds of hectares of koala habitat, and leave massive mine craters that will drain Queensland’s groundwater forever.

People Power Works!

The battle against Whitehaven Coal's Winchester South project is a crucial one. 

We, along with groups across Australia have been campaigning to stop this coal mine for two years now! We were successful in pressuring NAB to drop climate wrecker Whitehaven Coal from their books in July 2023. And on top of that, NAB has announced it plans to never again invest in a company whose primary activity is mining thermal coal. This is a win for people power, lives, livelihoods and ecosystems everywhere!

But it’s not over. 

Join Us in the Fight for Our Future

The potential environmental devastation, increased climate impacts, and threats to our communities demand urgent action. Mackay Conservation Group, in partnership with the Australian Conservation Foundation and the Environmental Defender’s Office, is taking Whitehaven Coal to the Queensland Land Court!

Your support is vital. By contributing to our legal fund, you can help us cover the costs necessary to challenge this destructive project in court. Together, we can prevent the catastrophic impacts of this coal mine and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

🌿 Act Now! Visit our donation page to make a difference. Every donation brings us one step closer to victory.

Stand with us. Protect our environment. Fight for our future.

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If this project goes ahead it will likely have intense negative impacts on our environment such as:

  1. Habitat Destruction: Whitehaven Coal plans to clear hundreds of hectares of wildlife habitat. This area is home to endangered species such as the koala and the greater glider. The loss of these habitats could lead to the further decline of these already vulnerable species.
  2. Water Pollution: The project involves destroying creeks and dumping polluted dam water into the Isaac River. This could severely impact the water quality, affecting not just wildlife but also the communities that rely on these water sources.
  3. Groundwater Depletion: The mine is projected to drain 280 million liters of precious groundwater annually. This massive water withdrawal could leave local farmers and communities struggling with water shortages, especially during drought periods.

4. Climate Change Acceleration: The Winchester South coal mine could create an additional 583 million tonnes of carbon emissions. To put this into perspective, that's more than Australia’s total annual emissions from all sources combined. These emissions will fuel more severe climate impacts such as storms, floods, and bushfires. Queensland is already experiencing these extreme weather events, and their frequency and intensity could increase, putting more lives and livelihoods at risk.

Whitehaven’s Track Record of Environmental Vandalism

Whitehaven Coal has a notorious track record of environmental violations. The company has been found guilty or investigated 35 times for offenses including stealing water, polluting waterways, damaging Aboriginal artifacts, and illegally clearing endangered forests. We cannot afford to let convicted environmental vandals set up shop in our backyard in Central Queensland.

Stand With Us!

We stand together in opposition to this destructive project, continuing to fight for climate justice and the protection of our precious ecosystems. If you would like to support our fight, please consider donating to our legal fund. With your support, we can stand up against corporate interests and ensure a healthier, safer future for all.

For the sake of our climate and environment, this disastrous coal project must be stopped.

🌿 Act Now! Visit our donation page to make a difference. Every donation brings us one step closer to victory.

Stand with us. Protect our environment. Fight for our future.

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