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Mackay says No to Adani

A community survey released today by the Mackay Conservation Group has uncovered overwhelming opposition in Mackay to the Adani Carmichael mine and the special treatment it is receiving from the government.

Almost 80 per cent of Mackay people do not support the $1 billion taxpayer funded loan to Adani. Even greater numbers (86 per cent) oppose the Queensland government giving Adani access to free, unlimited water. Eighty-five per cent of people were also opposed to the royalty free period that the State government has granted to Adani.


All of the graphs and figures are available here.

You can join the Stop Adani movement right here in Mackay! Find out how you can get involved and help to protect our land, water and air for generations to come!

Mackay Conservation Group community organiser, Maggie Mckeown said that the survey makes it clear that there is little support for Adani in Mackay.

“The results of our survey indicate that people in Mackay do not want their government giving handouts to untrustworthy, overseas companies like Adani”, Ms Mckeown said.

“Politicians would like the public to think that everyone in North Queensland supports the Adani mine, but this survey shows that actually most people do not support the project”.

“We have gone out to talk to the community about their thoughts on the project and we are letting our local MPs know what people really think about the Adani mine”, she said.

“We found that 88 per cent of locals want the government to transition away from coal, and instead train people in long-term, sustainable jobs in renewable energy”.

A group of concerned volunteers conducted the survey at the Food and Wine Festival, Central Queensland University and at supermarkets and other public locations.

“People in Mackay are saying that they want their government to help our region transition to more sustainable and long term industries”.

People in Mackay are also concerned about the health of the Great Barrier Reef, with over 75 per cent saying that climate change is having impacts on the Reef. 

When asked if they have a message for their MP, one respondent said “I am suspicious of the governments’ motives behind the Adani deal because of the lack of transparency and that stinks.”

Another respondent said “Invest in our natural resources and sustainable energy futures with the vast technology and industrial capacity already here.”

The Full report can be found here

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