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Media Release: Vulcan South Coal Mine a Threat to Endangered Species


 20 July 2022

Vulcan South Coal Mine a Threat to Endangered Species 

Mackay Conservation Group (MCG) is keeping a keen focus on our backyard in the wake of the release of the nation’s state of the environment report, which paints a bleak picture for Australian wildlife and ecosystems. 

The Vulcan South Coal Mine, 33km south of Moranbah is set to destroy over 1,000ha of Koala habitat and over 70ha of Greater Glider habitat - both species were added to the Endangered list only this year.

MCG recently wrote to the state environment minister and department highlighting this habitat destruction and asked for a loophole that allows coal mines that will produce less than 2 million tonnes per year to proceed without an environmental impact assessment.

The group’s climate organiser, Jonathon Dykyj, said, “The situation nationally is dire and is a lot to process, but right here in our own backyard we have found an issue that is deeply concerning. We have asked for that loophole to be closed.

“Why on Earth are we planning to continue to clear habitat of endangered and iconic species and why is it not being properly assessed?

“The State of Environment Report made it clear that Australia’s environmental crisis is being driven by two key factors, destruction of habitat and climate change caused by fossil fuel projects. We simply can’t afford to bulldoze endangered species habitat to dig climate wrecking coal mines. 

“Australia is already the global leader in mammal extinctions. Allowing projects like the Vulcan South coal mine to proceed is putting the Koala on an even faster path towards extinction.

“The Vulcan South mine would clear over 500 Gabba sized football fields of Koala habitat just to dig up coal for eight years. The cumulative impacts of clearing Koala habitat for coal mines across Queensland will have permanent lasting impacts.” Mr Dykyj said.

 MEDIA CONTACT:  Jonathon Dykyj 0477 997 392

 Here is a link to MCG’s letter:  

 Link to Guardian article: 

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