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Media release: Adani's water approval goes against science

13 June 2019

Queensland Government has ignored science by giving away water to Adani

Mackay Conservation Group has today condemned the Queensland Government’s approval of Adani’s Groundwater plan. The group expressed disappointment that the government had given in to bullying by the billionaire mining company and ignored the science, risking Queensland’s water.

Mackay Conservation Group community organiser Emma Barrett said“Today’s decision has ignored expert warnings that Adani’s mine could permanently damage Queensland’s groundwater. Leading water scientists tell us that Adani’s modelling is flawed, not fit for purpose and risks drying up the ecologically important Doongmabulla Springs.

The Doongmabulla Springs is home to four endangered plant and animal species including birds, herbs and grasses.

“Adani is the first of many mining companies that want to dig up the Galilee Basin. All of those mines will need billions of litres of our surface and groundwater. We can’t afford to give away our precious water when two-thirds of Queensland is still suffering through drought.

"The question that must be asked of the Queensland Government is why have they approved a major new mine that could destroy groundwater dependent ecosystems at a time when water is so scarce. 

“The assessment process has also been plagued by controversy, interference and political pressure. Adani has been trying to have their dodgy plan approved for years. The Federal Minister was even threatened with her job if she didn’t approve the plans.”

In a court decision in favour of environmentalists yesterday, the Federal Government admitted to ignoring public submissions about Adani’s pipeline which is needed to transport billions of litres of water from the ephemeral Suttor River.

“The Queensland Government should be investigating and prosecuting Adani for ignoring our laws and undertaking illegal works. This company thinks it is above the law and we clearly can’t risk our water with Adani.

“Adani’s water approval plan will be just as heavily scrutinised as their pipeline was. We will look at every legal avenue and continue building people power to ensure that our water and climate are protected for our future.

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For further comment, contact Emma Barrett on 0437 742 747


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