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Tell Greg Hunt to reject the Abbot Point port expansion

Federal Minister for Environment, Greg Hunt, will soon make a decision whether to allow the Abbot Point port development to proceed.

If approves the port development over one million cubic metres of material will be dredged from the sea floor destroying its beautiful coral communities that teem with life.

The reef is under enough stress from sediment and climate change already.

Tell Greg Hunt to reject the Abbot Point port expansion.

Who's signing
Riah Stanley
Iris Bax
Vicki Pitt
Jerry Johnson
Stefanie Schafer
Christin Plint
Tom Rainsford
Marlene Vial
Rae Buerckner
Serena Anderton
Forest Replogle
Kerrie Frlan
Jeannette Smyth
Moira Williams
Hazel Diane
Carlos Bueno
Joey Clarke
Sabu Bhaskaran
Grzegorz Owczarek
Heidi Jarmaine
Helen Tehan
Noa Fischer

Will you sign?

To the Honourable The Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives

We believe that the coral reefs close to the proposed port development at Abbot Point are significant and should be given the highest consideration.

We call on the Minister for Environment to reject the proposed port expansion at Abbot Point.


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