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Possibilities for our region

Humans are capable of amazing things. Our ingenuity is limitless.

This month marks 50 years since humans first set foot on the moon. In 1969, only 8 years after President J F. Kennedy announced a national goal of landing on the moon

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took their “giant leap for mankind”. This amazing feat was accomplished with only a fraction of the technology that we have access to today.


 It is incredible how fast technology has evolved since then, and it’s amazing what we can achieve once we set our minds on a goal.

 Imagine the amazing things that humanity could accomplish in the future. 

Now consider the huge threat our own behaviour is having on our very existence. Is our love of coal and burning fossil fuels worth limiting our potential and worth limiting the time that earth is even habitable? 

The great thing is that we don’t have to cook the planet in order to have our modern conveniences. We have the technology we need to move on from burning coal and other fossil fuels. We now have this amazing opportunity to take advantage of the exciting possibilities that using renewable energy technologies can open up. Renewable energy can run all the electrical things that coal fired power can. With good renewable energy systems, we can actually have more power for less money, which will improve the profitability and productivity of most businesses. 


If you are in the resource export business, you can even export renewable energy via hydrogen in tanks or even via power cable. Renewable energy is just another resource  and countries with less sun and space than ours are keen to buy clean electricity. 


Some of the brightest brains of big companies are already taking steps to set up renewable energy export.  Those in government and business that insist on propping up the dying coal industry, instead of setting up our systems and workforce to do things better, are holding us back as a country and a region.


Just as NASA was at the front of the space race, Central Queensland could be at the front of the renewable energy boom.  


We can set goals as individuals, businesses, governments and leaders, to be the best we can be, and work towards a world that we want. I’m sure most of us would prefer a safe climate, air and water. 


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