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Raise the Heat on Commbank

CBALogo_RED_Final_AK.pngMackay Conservation Group has joined with and over 40 local groups around the country on a national week of actions next week called Raise the Heat on Commbank. We’d love you to be involved - check out all the details below.

Now is an important time to step things up and put CommBank’s reputation on the line -either they publicly rule out their involvement OR they face a creative and unrelenting campaign.

In Mackay, we have events planned from the Monday to the Friday, and Friday will be the big day where we hope as many people as possible will come. We would love you to join in, and invite your friends and family along too. To get involved, please email our fantastic volunteer Tiffany Harrison at [email protected], or contact her on 042629978.

Monday 18th: Preparation and props working bee.

On the Monday the 18th we will have a working bee to make props for the week of actions and get prepared.

When: 2pm - 6pm
Where: MCG office at 156 Wood Street

Tuesday 19th: Raise the respect

Action: Meet your local branch!
When: Mid-morning, to be confirmed
Where: Meet at the MCG office at 156 Wood Street

A small group will be going into CommBank to meet with the branch manager. They will go in with the aim of developing a friendly relationship, and letting the branch manager know that the actions throughout the week are not aimed to make the lives of the Commbank staff difficult.

As a peace offering and to show our desire for a positive relationship, we will bring in a beautiful Nemo themed cake.

Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st: Raise the knowledge

Action: Surveys and flyers.
When: 12-2 pm
Where: Meet at the MCG office at 156 Wood Street, or at the CommBank branch at 63 Victoria St

No one wants the reef to be destroyed – we will be asking people what they think about the Abbot Point Port project, and whether they think CommBank should invest in it. We will also be handing out flyers to let people know about the environmental, social and financial risks of the projects.

Friday 22nd : Raise the Heat- CommBank is on notice

Action: Divestment day and colourful reefy cheer squad procession
When: 12pm meetup, 12:30 procession through Mackay
Where: Meet at MCG office at 156 Wood Street, procession to 63 Victoria Street - check out our website for full details

This is the big event for the week, so if you can only make it to one event, please come along to this one, and bring all your friends and family!

Several longterm CommBank customers (including Rose, who has banked with CommBank for over 60 years) will be divesting or putting the bank on notice, with the clear message – publically rule out investing in Adani or we will pull out our money.

We will support these wonderful divestors with a colourful cheer squad procession. We will walk from the office in Wood Street up to the bank on Victoria Street, raising as much attention as possible.

Dress in your finest snorkel/ scuba attire! We will have colourful reefy props and signs, as well as chants and whistles! The knitting nannas will also join us for a crochet/knitting lesson out the front of the bank.

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  • Steve Southen
    commented 2015-08-14 14:11:29 +1000
    while i agree with protecting our wildlife ,,,instead of using taxpayers money an donations to bring about no mining in qld ,,,why dont you use this money an your efforts to help these projects go ahead and working as a team not just a vigalanty group ….you have no idea of the long term affects of what you are doing .i truely hope you are proud of yourselves ,for yet another hurdle to cross for abbott point to get the go ahead .you have taken away the future jobs an growth in in a no of qld towns an future business growth ,so i hope your children suffer job insecurity due to your lack of knowledge …if you have ever worked at haypoint ,,or abbott point ,,then u would have a better understanding of the strict working conditions impossed on these companies ,an adani will be no differrent ….you may have a few followers,but far more mackay people think you are a joke ,are have no interest in your town or the future jobs in this state ,so badly needed ….AS THE REST OF US QLD WE ARE REALLY PROUD OF THE DAMAGE YOU HAVE CAUSED .