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Rally for Water, Sat 13 April

Nearly 100 Mackay residents took to the streets on Saturday 13th April to march against the approval of Adani's groundwater plans by the federal government.

The large crowd included indigenous leaders, farmers, school teachers, students and grandparents. It was a clear sign to our political leaders and the media that the Mackay community wanted real action on climate change, which starts with rejecting Adani's coal mine.

Local cane farmer, Len Thompson, spoke about how water is needed to start and sustain life, and how hard it is to live off the land without it.

"Out west, farmers out aren't lucky as we are on the coast. Every year there are long, long dry spells. And the only thing that keeps the farm running is bore water. Water from underground."

"They [Adani] haven't proved that they won't damage the water supplies, that farmers in the dry spells in Queensland depend upon."

"If they do wreck the aquifer, then those farms will become worthless forever."

Others expressed their concerns and worries about the future of their grandchildren with the Adani coal mine exacerbating climate change if it goes ahead.

Adani's federal water plans were approved just 3 days earlier, amidst clear political interference. There were calls for the Minister for the Environment to resign if the plans weren't approved. 

We call on our political candidates to listen to the science and act immediately on climate change by stopping the Adani coal mine going ahead.

Want to help us make this the climate election? Sign up to volunteer here!

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