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We Need Strong Climate Targets

Australia is already at the forefront of climate change impacts but we’re not seeing leadership from our local politicians. The Federal cabinet will decide on new targets post 2020 by early June. Even though we have a climate sceptical local member in George Christensen MP, Abbot needs to know there are people in Mackay - and elsewhere! - that want to see strong targets for climate action.

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Naomi Buttigieg
Tom Rainsford

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Keep Australia great: cut carbon pollution

Scientists warn us that climate change could accelerate beyond our control, threatening our survival and everything we love. We call on you our leaders to keep global temperature rise under the unacceptably dangerous level of 2 degrees C, by phasing out carbon pollution to zero. To achieve this, you our leaders must urgently forge realistic global, national and local agreements, to rapidly shift our societies and economies to 100% clean energy by 2050. Do this fairly, with support to the most vulnerable among us.

We call on you, our Australian political leaders, to set a carbon pollution reduction target that represents our fair share to keep global warming well below 2 degrees and puts Australia on track to zero carbon pollution.

From WWF


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  • Naomi Buttigieg
    signed 2015-05-22 08:25:12 +1000
  • Tom Rainsford
    signed 2015-05-14 21:18:13 +1000