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Dudgeon Point coal terminal extension: Petition to Queensland Coordinator General

The proposed Dudgeon Point Coal Terminals Project (DPCT) consists of two coal export terminals, and associated infrastructure, with a combined capacity of up to 180 million tonnes per annum.

Mackay Conservation Group (MCG) is concerned about this project and is working to protect our health, our community and the Great Barrier Reef from the threat of the Dudgeon Point Coal Port and the damage it will cause.

The Dudgeon Point coal terminal project will be taken out of the environmental approvals process on 21st June 2014 unless the Queensland Coordinator General Mr. Barry Broe, chooses to extend the approvals process so the coal companies have more time.

Mackay Conservation Group (MCG) has launched a petition to the Queensland Coordinator General calling on him to not extend the time period for the project out of consideration for the residents of Mackay. 

You can sign Mackay Conservation Groups petition by following this link.

The proposed Dudgeon Point Coal terminal, just 13km south of Mackay will threaten our community through the disruptive and damaging effects of coal dust on our health and the irreversible impacts on the World Heritage Great Barrier Reef. Local Mackay residents are living with uncertainty in relation to the project and the impacts it will have on air and water quality in the region.

New coal port terminals at Dudgeon Point could increase the risk of coal dust associated health problems from the massive coal stockpiles, up to 20m high covering approximately 400 ha. The impact on air quality is therefore, one of the major concerns of local residents, including Gordon, a local resident who explains his concerns in this video:


Together we can bring peace of mind to Mackay residents by ending the Dudgeon Point coal terminal approval process in 2014. 

Please sign the petition today. 

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