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Media Release: Adani defeat no 'mere technicality'

Press release from 5 August 2015


Court cases reveal deep flaws in modelling, devastating impacts

Indian coal giant Adani, the mining industry and the Federal Environment Minister are wrong to characterise today’s Federal court decision as a ‘technical glitch’, when it is symptomatic of deep flaws with the Carmichael proposal that have only been revealed through proper court scrutiny, said Ms Ellen Roberts, Coordinator of Mackay Conservation Group.




“Court action has shown the proposed Carmichael mine to be a train wreck on multiple fronts. The mine’s impact on vulnerable species shows up just one of many problems that the assessment process failed to properly address and that Adani has done its best to conceal,” Ms Roberts said.


“Key supporters of the controversial Carmichael mine can try downplay the significance of the court’s decision, but they cannot deny that the decision to approve the mine was flawed.


“Minister Greg Hunt must now carefully consider new, independent expert evidence that has emerged through court scrutiny, including fatal errors in economic modelling, untenable water impacts, incorrect job creation figures and serious climate impacts.


“The claim by the mining industry that environment groups are deliberately using the court system to delay projects is also erroneous.


“Last year the Queensland Land Court told a Queensland parliamentary committee that there is no evidence that court action was being used to delay project approvals.

“Minister Hunt should do the right thing, closely examine this fresh evidence, and reject this controversial and damaging project,” Ms Roberts said.

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